Security Officers Resume Sample


Job Description & Responsibilities

A security officer resume has to show you have experience in guarding, patrolling, monitoring, and controlling assigned premises in order to curtail vandalism, theft, and violence. They will need to be the major respondent in the event of fire or other unforeseen circumstance. Security officers are expected to ensure rules are adhered to. Security officers patrol assigned areas for signs of invasion. They check to see if doors, gates and windows are secured. They must always be on alert, ready for alarms, and to investigate disturbances. They may be responsible for the entry and departure of employees and guests that enter and exit the premises. They may keep daily logs and regulate building systems. Security officers may also transport valuables like money and will intervene in case of criminal conduct.


The security officer resume has to present specific qualities that coincide with the position. If the job is for an armed guard, a background with firearms (military, police) is definitely a plus. Some security officer positions do not require a specific skill. There are certainly courses and other training tools for security. There can also be in-house training. There are still a few traits that almost every candidate will need to highlight in the security officer resume. They need to be sharp and responsiveness, identifying problems, evaluating options, and quickly implementing solutions. They will need a high level of personnel management and communication skills as their duties may require they direct or teach people so that they are acting in conjunction with company policies. A good security officer resume will display ability for critical thinking, active learning, instruction and education, and orientation to customer service.


Security officers are used in a wide range of industries, including retail stores, banks, corporations, schools and universities, hospitals, and airports. The mean salary for a security officer in 2012 was 27,240 dollars. Salary can be affected by many things, such as background or if the hiring manager is in the market for an armed guard to safeguard valuables such as diamonds.

Sample Security Officer Resume

The sample below is an excellent start for a security officer resume. Use it as a blueprint to show how your personal background proves you have the vision and experience to protect and serve.

Security Officers Resume Sample

Grayson Anthony1 Main Street New Cityland, CA 91010 Cell: (555) 322-7337 E-Mail: example-email@example.comSummaryResults-oriented and professional Security Officer who approaches employee security and theft prevention with careful reasoning and attentiveness. Strong law enforcement procedures and criminal law knowledge. Licensed by State of California as a Security Guard.HighlightsSafety-conscious Observant and diligent Able to walk entire shift Clean driving record Tech-savvyExperience in personnel searches Familiar with Taser use Team player Good investigator Works well with law enforcementExperienceFebruary 2008 to Current Discount Shopping Channel New Cityland, CA Security OfficerManage employee exits and prevent anyone from leaving without a scan. Utilize wands and scanning machines to check for stolen merchandise. Approach incidents in a calm, professional manner to uncover and prevent thefts. Detain employees found to have merchandise and work with law enforcement on arrests, criminal charges, and prosecutions. View CCTV images of packaging and sorting areas to catch incidents occurring. Address unintentional violations directly and provide training to all employees on how to prevent mistakes in the future. Request medical or law enforcement assistance as needed.November 2004 to January 2008 The Jewelry Company New Cityland, CA Security OfficerPatrolled manufacturing and packaging areas to deter theft. Inspected employees leaving premises and searched bags. Trained new security staff on proper search protocols and company regulations. Worked with department managers to implement new protocols to reduce incidents. Recommended improvements that standardized procedures across all shifts. Gathered CCTV footage, employee statements, and relevant documentation to support criminal proceedings against violators.August 2002 to October 2004 Flowers Department Store New Cityland, CA Loss Prevention OfficerUsed CCTV to continuously monitor customer, staff, and parking lot areas. Confronted shoplifters, recovered merchandise, and assisted law enforcement with investigations. Implemented and enforced store loss prevention policies to reduce shrinkage. Monitored employees for theft and performed background checks on new hires. Responded to on-site medical incidents and coordinated with emergency personnel.


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