Maintenance & Janitorial Resume Examples

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Take advantage of the increasing demand for maintenance jobs by perfecting your housecleaners resume.
Cleaning Professionals
Cleaning Professionals
Demonstrate your skills with a carefully-crafted cleaning professionals resume.
Facility Lead Maintenance
Facility Lead Maintenance
If you put together your facility lead maintenance resume today, you will be able to apply for one of these many jobs!
HVAC and Refrigeration
HVAC and Refrigeration
Are you good at fixing stuff? Show employers what you can do with an effective HVAC and refrigeration resume.


A maintenance and janitorial resume can show off your skills as a housecleaner and enhance your position as a cleaning professional. When it come to putting together a good maintenance and janitorial resume, you need to give a list of the equipment you are familiar with as well as your professional experience. A comprehensive maintenance and janitorial resume can include jobs in HVAC and refrigeration as well as experience as a residential house cleaner.

Job Responsibilities

A maintenance and janitorial resume includes many different professions. You could be a warehouse associate in charge of maintenance, or a mechanic who looks after large vehicles. That’s why your maintenance and janitorial resume needs to include your specific skills and outline your value to a hiring manager. The job responsibilities on a good maintenance and janitorial resume are very specific and focused. Whether it’s an entry level maintenance and janitorial resume or an experienced one, the information needs to be complete.

Educational Requirements

To have a maintenance and janitorial resume that’ll get read by hiring managers, you need to have at least a high school diploma. For the more technical maintenance and janitorial resume jobs, a four-year college degree is required. It also helps if your maintenance and janitorial resume has a listing of all of the industry-specific equipment that you’re certified to operate. Any experience you can show on your maintenance and janitorial resume dealing with equipment or processes will be helpful.

Salary Expectations

The beginning range of pay for a maintenance and janitorial resume is around $18,000 per year. An experienced maintenance and janitorial resume can expect to get a pay offer of around $45,000 per year. More technical maintenance and janitorial resumes could reach pay ranges as high as $90,000 per year. MyPerfectResume is the ideal resource for creating your perfect maintenance and janitorial resume. You can use the site’s templates and samples to create your maintenance and janitorial resume.

Maintenance Resume Questions

1. How do you write a maintenance resume?

You should format your application in the same style as our maintenance resume sample. You also want to write your resume in a way that optimizes it for Applicant Tracking Systems. An ATS scans documents for specific words related to the job description.

You also should try to write your resume in a manner that an employer will want to continue reading after only a glance. Most job recruiters spend less than 10 seconds reading a resume before deciding whether to continue reading. Therefore, the top one-third of your application should contain all your best qualities. You can take a step in the right direction of achieving this by using our resume builder to develop a great personalized application.

2. How do you describe computer skills on your maintenance resume?

There are numerous types of software people working in maintenance need to know how to use. This includes word processing, facilities management, enterprise resource planning, and scheduling software. These details should go in the skills section, which comes immediately after the summary statement. If you really want to make a good impression, then you should mention the exact names of the software you know how to use.

3. How do you make a maintenance resume for a first job?

You may not have a lot of experience to talk about, but you can create an effective resume with a strong format. Make the layout simple to follow, as is the case with our maintenance resume sample. Lacking any significant work experience, you should focus on internships, volunteer work, and extracurricular activities. In these instances, it is all right to include information dating back to high school.

4. How many bullet points do you include with each job in a maintenance resume?

In the work history section, you want to list all your responsibilities with bullet points rather than paragraphs. Bullets are much easier to scan through, making things simpler on the reader.

In general, you want to include between five and eight bullet points. Each point should begin with an active verb. When discussing a job you currently work at, the beginning verb needs to be in the present tense. For jobs you already left, you need the verbs to be in the past tense. Finally, you want to include quantifiable details when you can.

5. Should you include references on a maintenance resume?

Hiring managers rarely want to see references on a resume. You can see on the maintenance resume sample that no references are present. The reason is because this information takes away space from more pertinent materials, such as your work history and skill set.

If the job listing asks for references, then you want to provide them on their own page. Giving three references is standard, and for each person, you want to include the person’s name, contact information, the company the person works for, and the position that person holds. Before putting people on your references page, you want to ask them if it is all right.

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