Cleaning Supervisor Resume Example

Kellie Hanna, CPRW
By Kellie Hanna, CPRW, Career Advice Expert Last Updated: May 11, 2022
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Your skills and experience as a cleaning supervisor should make you competitive in the job market. Of course, you have to have a way to showcase these things to hiring managers, which is where a resume comes in. By building a well-crafted resume, you are creating a marketing document that sells you. Putting in the effort now to create a strong resume can yield significant rewards in your job search.

The hiring managers you are sending your resume to are searching for applicants that are skilled supervisors. You want to let them know that you have a proven ability to train and manage cleaning crews. The best way to get the message across is to list your abilities early on in the resume, preferably in the Summary and Highlights sections. That way even a quick glance will tell them what they need to know.

Review our cleaning supervisor resume examples to get an idea of how to write your own resume.

cleaning supervisor resume template


Cleaning Supervisor Resume Questions

1. How do you list schools in a cleaning supervisor resume?

If you are applying for a cleaning supervisor position, prospective employers are probably more interested in learning about your work history than your academic credentials. While it is important to list your schools, you should write about your professional experience first. Place your education section at the bottom of your document, as exemplified in our cleaning supervisor resume sample.

For every degree you display, identify the school from which you earned it as well. Include the name, city, and state of each institution. If you did not receive post-secondary education, list your high school.

2. How do you describe achievements on your cleaning supervisor resume?

Were you promoted to a supervisor position in previous employment due to your hard work? Did you successfully implement cleaning procedures that reduced costs or increased productivity? Describe these or similar achievements to show hiring managers how you contributed to past companies’ success.

Use descriptions in your work experience section or a separate part with the title “Accomplishments” to illuminate your achievements. Help them stand out by using action verbs and metrics, and demonstrate the skills or work that led to your successes.

3. How can you highlight team experience on a cleaning supervisor resume?

As a cleaning supervisor, you need to show experience in leading and working with employees. Rather than listing teamwork skills in your qualifications section, take a look at our cleaning supervisor resume sample for ideas on how to present your team experience in an interesting way.

The jobseeker in our sample mentions training employees in her summary and qualifications section, then discusses communicating with clients and working alongside co-workers to finish large tasks. Include similar descriptions, as this shows hiring managers you not only possess teamwork skills, but also know how to use them.

4. How do you list certifications on your cleaning supervisor resume?

If you have relevant certifications, particularly in team builder or leadership, write about them in your document to help set yourself apart. When you list these qualifications, include their titles and the organizations that granted them.

Most jobseekers display their certifications in one of two ways, depending on the resume template being used. One way is to present them in your education section to provide more substance to this section. Another way is to create a separate section, which is a great idea if you have multiple certifications or want to draw more attention to these qualifications.

5. How do you format a cleaning supervisor resume?

if you are using a chronological resume format, position your summary statement first, followed by a qualifications section. These parts present glimpses of your professional abilities and may grab the attention of prospective employers. Then, provide the “meat” of your document: your work experience. When constructed correctly, this section can hook hiring managers and convince them to consider you for the job. Remember to include an education section at the bottom of the page.

Use our cleaning supervisor resume sample as a guide as you format your sections. For more assistance, turn to our step-by-step resume builder. It helps you navigate the formatting and writing processes until you have your perfect document.

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Resume Text


Amina Crosby

123 Fake Street

City, State, Zip Code

Cell: 000-000-0000


Highly skilled Cleaning Supervisor with 17 years of residential and corporate cleaning experience. Enthusiastically and effectively manages and trains diverse cleaning crews. Expertly assesses work sites to assign exact number of workers needed to complete cleaning tasks.



    • Trained new hires on proper cleaning techniques


    • Inspected employees


    • Created cleaning checklists


    • Assigned daily responsibilities to workers


    • Maintained cleaning standards


    • Ordered cleaning supplies as necessary


    • Integrity training


  • Complied with health and safety regulations


Work Experience


Company Name-City, State April 1989 – March 1997 Residential Cleaner

-Cleaned hotels, apartment units, churches, corporate offices and residential homes efficiently.

-Stocked cleaning carts with mops, grooms, dust rags, and cleaning supplies.

-Learned how to safely clean job sites with the use of industrial strength cleaning solutions. First Choice Cleaners-Smyrna, DE


March 1997 – December 2006 Lead Housekeeper

-Communicated with clients to ensure that job sites were cleaned to their expectations.

-Worked alongside other cleaners to complete sizable jobs in corporate office buildings.

-Disposed of trash and hazardous waste leftover from cleaning jobs. Company Name-City, State


January 2007- Present Cleaning Supervisor

-Effectively reduced time needed for workers to complete simple cleaning tasks.

-Organized list of daily tasks for a team of more than 100 part and full-time workers.

-Inventoried uniforms, aprons, keys and access cards used by employees to exit and enter job sites.





Dover High School, City, State High School Diploma, General Studies Delaware Technical Community College, City, State Associate of Science, Business