Facility Lead Maintenance Resume Sample


Facility Lead Maintenance Resume Sample

Facility Lead Maintenance Job Description

A facility lead maintenance job can entail a variety of maintenance work indoors and outdoors to help maintain the building. This work may be maintenance on structural issues, repairing machinery, fixing plumbing, or electrical work.

Additionally, the work environment may also vary since many businesses employ facility lead maintenance workers. This means you may find yourself working at a school, retail store, grocery store, hospital, or many other businesses.

Education & Training

Often, a high school diploma will be required for a facility lead maintenance job. Additionally, since this is a leader position, previous experience is likely to be required. It is very helpful to describe relevant experience on your facility lead maintenance resume. This will ensure that the employer is aware of your qualifications and help you get the job.

Additionally, a facility lead maintenance worker should be talented with repair work. Employers will also want someone who is hard working, patient, and pays attention to detail. Make sure you describe yourself as having these traits on your facility lead maintenance resume. Doing so will help you get the job!

Getting a Facility Lead Maintenance Job

Salary for a facility lead maintenance will vary based on experience. However, the job pays an average of $32,000 a year. Due to the fact that so many buildings require a facility lead maintenance, there are many jobs available!

You can take advantage of these job openings by putting together your facility lead maintenance resume. For help, look at the sample facility lead maintenance resume below. This resume provides a sample of a successful resume to help you get the job!

Facility Lead Maintenance Resume Questions

1. What can you do to make your facility lead maintenance resume stand out?

When you seek a job, one of the most important aspects for success is standing out. Simply put, if you blend in with all the other applicants, there is no reason for hiring managers to remember you when they decide who to hire.

Luckily, it is relatively simple to stand out. Following our facility lead maintenance resume sample and ensuring you use similar language and structure goes a long way to creating a unique and memorable document. Many candidates fail in these ways, so managing the content of your resume intentionally catches the attention of readers.

2. How do you format a facility lead maintenance resume?

As stated above, there is a particular structure that you should use when writing your resume. Use our personalized resume builder to be sure you follow the standard format perfectly.

The first section should be a summary statement that incorporates aspects from the rest of the document. Next, create a bulleted list of your skills and abilities. The third section should detail your previous work and responsibilities. The conclusion of your resume is the education section, which describes your degrees and schools.

3. How do you write the qualifications section of a facility lead maintenance resume?

The qualifications section is primary used to guide the reader quickly to the experience section. Your goal should be for all the information you include to be easy to understand even at a glance. Include at least four but usually not more than eight bullet points, each of which can be a single word or a short phrase.

>Each skill you mention should relate to the position directly. Additionally, you should review the job description to get a better idea of which skills the employer wants to see. Finally, some examples of good maintenance attributes are in the qualifications section of our facility lead maintenance resume sample.

4. How do you write the experience section of your facility lead maintenance resume?

First and foremost, your experience section should be the longest and densest section of your resume. This is the information that hiring managers are most interested in, after all. List your previous jobs in reverse chronological order, with only your current job in present tense.

Create five to eight bullet points for most of these positions. Less important jobs can have fewer bullet points if you are short on space. The first word of each bullet point must be a strong action verb.

5. How do you list schools in a facility lead maintenance resume?

Check our facility lead maintenance resume sample to see the best way to write an education section. The details here should be brief and simple. You only need to include the name of the school, the date or expected date of graduation, and information about what kind of degree you earned.

Can your expertly crafted resume go the distance? Lend it a helping hand with a powerfully written Facility Lead Maintenance cover letter that strikes the right balance between professional and courteous.

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Resume Text

Garret Jenkins

1 Main Street
New Cityland, CA 91010
Cell: (555) 322-7337
E-Mail: example-email@example.com


Motivated Lead Facility Maintenance Technician with a proven track record of implementing maintenance tracking systems and work order systems. Specializes in electrical installation, repair, and testing. Promotes the safe operation of all electrical circuits, wires, and operation equipment through careful repairs and preventative maintenance.


Pneumatics and hydraulics
Exhaust scrubber systems
Plumbing knowledge
Cooling towers expertise
Basic welding

Facilities management
Preventative maintenance
Customer service-focused
Time management
Proactive team leader


August 2008 to Current
Polk County Public School System New Cityland, CA
Lead Maintenance Technician

Manage work and administer paperwork for crew of maintenance technicians.
Inspect facility-related manufacturing support systems on a daily basis.
Complete all equipment and systems installations on time and on schedule.
Regularly update maintenance database using computer workstations.
Troubleshoot equipment problems using tools such as multi-meters and general hand-tools.
Inform management of potentially dangerous electrical equipment and faulty instrumentation.
Oversee safety initiatives to improve work practices and working conditions.

August 2005 to June 2008
Samuel County School System New Avenida, CA
Lead Maintenance Technician

Performed facility tool and system PMs according to manufacturing and internal specifications.
Installed electrical data and telephone lines and fixtures.
Repaired advanced HVAC systems, including air handlers’ humidity control systems and duct sizing.
Analyzed facility-related manufacturing support systems on a daily basis.
Supervised elevator repairs completed by an outside contractor.

September 2003 to July 2005
Samuel County School System New Avenida, CA
Maintenance Technician

Changed lamps and ballasts and tested electrical circuitry.
Inspected and made minor repairs on burglar and fire alarm systems.
Recommended new equipment and maintenance procedures to the facility manager.
Analyzed and interpreted data from facilities equipment.
Refurbished furniture and ordered replacement pieces when necessary.
Stooped, climbed ladders, and lifted heavy loads during set-up for events.
Maintained sprinkler systems, domestic water systems, and fire pumps.