Senior Electrical Engineer Resume Example

Nilda Melissa Diaz, CPRW
By Nilda Melissa Diaz, CPRW, Career Advice Expert Last Updated: January 22, 2021
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senior electrical engineer resume sample

Senior Electrical Engineer Resume Questions

1. What format should your senior electrical engineer resume be in?

Most employers prefer that your resume be in .doc or .pdf format. Plan on using either of these formats when you send in your application, unless the job posting states otherwise. Keep in mind that using odd formats, like .rtf or .txt files, could make it difficult for employers to open your resume, which could limit your chances of getting called in for an interview.

2. How long should a senior electrical engineer resume be?

Our senior electrical engineer resume sample is one page in length, and your resume should be about the same. However, you may be able to expand your resume onto two pages if you have extensive experience in your industry or if you have worked in a similar position for over a decade. Your resume can also extend to two pages if the job posting asks for separate attachments or if you decide to include a references section.

3. How do you optimize your senior electrical engineer resume for an ATS?

An Applicant Tracking System is a type of software that flags resumes for certain keywords. Submissions that include those words and phrases will go to the next round of the review process. To boost your chances of success during the application process, plan on incorporating standard industry phrases and keywords within your professional document. For example, our senior electrical engineer resume sample includes common industry phrases like “supply and logistics planning,” “vendor management,” and “leadership.” You can also draw industry words and phrases from the job posting to use in your resume as you outline your skills and experience.

4. How do your list certifications on your senior electrical engineer resume?

As you can see from our senior electrical engineer resume sample, the applicant includes a specific section for certifications. If you have an industry-related certification that enhances your education and experience, plan on adding it to your resume either under your education section or within a specific certifications section. Make sure you list the exact title of the certification and, if applicable, where and when you earned it.

5. How do you format a senior electrical engineer resume?

To format your resume, start off by determining which sections you want to include in this document. You should add several standard sections, which include a professional summary statement, a skills section, a work experience section, and an education section. You can also add additional sections, depending on your personal experiences, such as a reference section, a hobbies and interests section, or a certifications section.

If you need additional help formatting an organized, eye-catching resume for your upcoming job hunt, we also recommend using our step-by-step resume builder. Simply add your personal information and use the generated resume to continue with your job search.

Resume Text

Janice Dow
123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code Cell: 000-000-0000 Email:

Results-producing electrical engineer with over 20 years of progressive experience in electrical and instrumentation engineering, team supervision, and maintenance management. Currently hold senior standing within 2 of the world’s largest bauxite and alumina refineries with heavy emphasis on cost reduction, energy savings, and process improvement. Looking to translate extensive experience and knowledge to oil, gas, and high voltage engineering opportunities. Proficient using MS Office Suite, DMS 2000(RSA), and Oracle eAM.

Core Qualifications
Electrical Engineering High Voltage Engineering Energy Savings Safety/Regulatory Compliance Oil and Gas Commissioning Power Systems Expert Cross-Functional Leadership Cost Reduction Risk Assessment FMEA Analysis

Selected Accomplishments
Spearheaded an obsolescence and replacement project and 5-year plan for Alcoa totaling $22M which required creating an effective VSD strategy. Extended mill brush life by 50% by conducting a thorough RCA investigation on mill motor failure. Improved the performance of sand filtration from 250tpd loss to 125tpd equivalent to $1.29M. Successfully reduced residue alarms by 80% by performing savvy research. Saved $3.1M by installing a wrap around flow meter on the Green Liquor line that effectively stabilized the density control. Completed on-site ARC flash analysis on 68 substations and 250 transformers and developed mitigation plans for the operation of high arc flash hazard equipment. Recouped approximately $250K from suppliers by proactively identifying defects with newly installed substandard high voltage cables. Developed the written procedure for “hot swapping” substations to eliminated obsolete equipment, reduce downtime, and maximize uptime. Site expert on gas equipment, liaising with various operation centres on gas isolation and safety procedures. Decreased lighting costs by $65K p/a by installing LEDs. Designed and installed 2 energy efficient fan extraction systems for Paarl Media Gauteng to achieve major capital project saving of ZAR 1M. Reduced break down frequency at Anchor Yeast by 75% per annum and reduced maintenance costs by 60%. Maximized productivity by upgrading a 5kg yeast block extruder machine from old technology to new drive and PLC systems.

Senior Electrical Engineer February 2012 to Current Company Name Spearhead electrical engineering projects supervising 4 area electrical engineers and various direct reports at one of the largest Bauxite refineries in the world producing 4.2 million tonnes of Alumina per annum. Expertly advise the electrical maintenance team, overseeing high and low voltage procedures and processes and ensuring compliance to current regulations. Conduct audits on low voltage safety and external audits on high voltage installation. Lead the Pinjarra Critical Instrument team in maintaining and improving equipment reliability. Maintain combustion safety as a qualified supervising gas fitter fully accountable for all Type B gas appliances on the refinery.