A job recruiter is a highly-respected position, one that puts you into contact with a large number of people. If you’re interested in becoming a recruiter, networking will open only so many doors. An eye-catching resume, however, will help with the rest. In fact, a well-crafted resume may be the single greatest factor that will contribute to whether you are called in for an interview or left out in the cold.

Entry level recruiters are responsible for ensuring their company meets its hiring goals. Try to include examples of how you have helped previous employers, or could help the company you’re applying with meet its hiring goals.

If you’re looking to begin crafting a winning resume, take the time to look at our entry level recruiter resume templates for guidance.

entry level recruiter resume example


A top-notch Recruiter resume must be accompanied by an equally smashing cover letter. Our Recruiter cover letter sample shows you how to write one, quickly and easily.

Entry Level Recruiter Resume Questions

1. What goes in the header of a entry level recruiter resume?

In the header of your resume put your full name, address, phone number, and email address. Don’t use contact information from your current job. If you would prefer not to share your personal address, get a PO box for the duration of the job search. You may include links to professional websites and social media as well, provided you have vetted them for appropriate content. Take a look at our entry level recruiter resume sample for good examples.

2. How do you separate your entry level recruiter resume from other candidates’ resumes?

For a resume that packs a punch and stands out from the crowd, use a clean, easily read format as shown in our entry level recruiter resume sample. Clear sections with bold headers and bulleted lists catch the eye of hiring managers without overwhelming them. When listing skills and work experience, employ strong verbs that convey a positive message, such as developed, increased, improved, and grew.

3. What sections should you include in your entry level recruiter resume?

Every resume should have five basic sections: contact information, summary statement, qualifications, experience, and education. These are well-illustrated in our entry level recruiter resume sample. If there is room on your resume, you may add hobbies and interests or awards and recognitions at the bottom. However, your resume should be only one page long, so don’t skimp on the important sections just to fit in extras.

4. How do you write a summary statement for a entry level recruiter resume?

The summary statement is your introduction to your new employer, so it’s important to write a strong one. Make a short list of your hard and soft skills, including adjectives you would use to describe yourself. Now think about the job description and write down its key phrases and adjectives. See where your two lists intersect and use those words to describe yourself and what you do. Keep it concise, as you should only take three to four sentences for the summary.

If you are just starting out or changing careers, a resume objective statement may be preferable to a professional summary. Study our entry level recruiter resume sample for more ideas, or try our resume builder for a step-by-step guide.

5. What’s the best way to include digital skills on a entry level recruiter resume?

Place your digital skills in the qualifications section of your resume, as shown in our entry level recruiter resume sample. Use a bullet point or two to list software in which you have proficiency or online platforms you use regularly. If you have any tech certifications you can list them here as well.

You can also talk about your digital skills in the work experience section. For example, if you worked in a restaurant and took online orders or entered food supplies into a database, those are job responsibilities that show tech savvy. Handling company email, updating the website, or using payroll software are other examples you can include.

Show Resume Text

Oscar Goldman123 Fake Street City, State, Zip CodeCell: 000-000-0000email@email.com SUMMARY Qualified and skilled candidate seeking Entry Level Recruiter position in a reputed human resources management environment. Personal experiences and studies have provided a high level of knowledge related to effectively utilizing manpower, coordinating compensation and benefits packages, and managing the advancement of an organization. With an even temperament and persuasive nature, can negotiate with anyone and defuse the most tense situations. ENTRY LEVEL RECRUITER HIGHLIGHTS

  • Knowledge of technological recruitment tools
  • Understanding of recruiting concepts
  • Excellent time manager
  • Able to plan and meet goals
  • Experience in professional staffing
  • Relationship builder
  • Knowledge of interview techniques
  • Focus on customer service

ENTRY LEVEL RECRUITER WORK EXPERIENCE March 2014 to April 2015 Company Name, City, State Recruiter Internship

  • Worked with Human Resources developing professional recruiting plans.
  • Involved in statewide network of recruitment activities for achieving growth targets aggressively.
  • Familiar with and responsible for California recruiting guidelines and protocols.
  • Traveled to events involving schools and universities, as well as to job fairs.
  • Attended job interviews, taking notes of candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Worked with human resource writer developing job descriptions and putting them on website(s).
  • Contacted applicants by phone, discussing job requirements and setting up interview.
  • Collaborated with director handling contract employees and evaluating contractor issues.
  • Performed general administrative tasks around office, including answering phones, filing documents electronically and greeting visitors.

EDUCATION 2015 University of California, City, State Bachelor of Arts, Human Resources