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How to Craft your Resume for a Janitorial Career

Career Track: Janitorial Management

With jobs ranging from cleaning assistance to building maintenance to cleaning-team management, careers in janitorial management were projected to increase 4% by 2029 — but that was before the COVID-19 virus. With cleanliness a major concern for commercial and residential spaces moving forward, many new janitorial jobs will likely open up in the coming years, in industries such as healthcare, education services, and administration and support.

Janitorial Assistant $19,534 Median Salary

Resume Format: Functional

For this position, aim for a functional format, which focuses on your best skills. Highlight qualities such as multitasking and time management abilities, along with any relevant qualifications you have in social work.

For this entry-level position, consider a functional format that focuses on your specific strengths, including practical and soft skills that are important to employers. (e.g., vacuuming and dusting, sanitation practices or attention to detail). This format is a good choice for first-time job seekers or someone with limited work experience.

Summary: Give a brief overview of your best skills and work history with an emphasis on keywords such as “well-organized,” “quick and efficient” and ““general repairs.” Give details about your work experiences that show off unique special abilities. For example: “Honest and reliable janitorial assistant proficient in handling chemicals, restocking supplies and operating equipment.”

Skills to feature: Browse through the job description to identify skills employers are looking for, such as “building maintenance,” “equipment operation” and “light repair,” match them with skills of your own, and list them here.

Get to the next level: To move up the career ladder, gain skills and experience in the following areas, and add them to your resume:

  • A consistent record of reliable and efficient service under minimal supervision
  • Examples where you took the initiative to successfully handle more responsibilities
  • Showcase mentorship and training abilities with examples where you’ve educated workers about how to perform specific processes and repairs, and use equipment and machinery

Janitor $30,546 Median Salary

Resume Format: Combination

For this position, consider a combination resume format that shows off both a strong employment record and relevant skills from past work experiences.

Summary: Stick to a brief, crisp paragraph that includes a recap of your work history, with a focus on accomplishments and relevant skills. Highlight duties in which you’ve excelled. For example: “Reliable janitor experienced with regularly cleaning bathrooms and keeping restrooms stocked with supplies at 12 facilities. Skills include maintaining client satisfaction, handling emergency cleaning and upkeep requests, and washing custom windows and mirrors.”

Skills to feature: Include a mix of soft skills (e.g., time management, attention to detail, work ethic and problem-solving) with practical skills (e.g., cleaning bathrooms, deep cleaning, trash removal, mopping and restocking supplies) that match what the job description calls for.

Get to the next level: When preparing for career advancement, focus on the following for your resume:

  • Examples where you’ve supervised others, such as managing a team of janitors, and ensuring compliance with safety policies
  • Situations where you’ve managed processes, such as updating and ordering inventory supplies
  • Examples where you’ve closely collaborated with management to successfully identify and address problems

Janitor Manager$40,413 per week Median Salary

Resume Format: Chronological

For jobs that require years of experience under your belt, choose a chronological resume format, which focuses on your work history and emphasizes a steady employment record. Highlight specific responsibilities and achievements from previous jobs, using numbers to give potential employers more context (e.g., “Managed janitorial services for 10,000-student school district, covering 8 buildings”).

Summary: Make your summary statement crisp and concise, giving an overview of your work experience and key skills. For example: “Efficient janitor manager experienced with overseeing janitorial crews of 25 employees, dedicated to maximum customer satisfaction.”

Skills to feature: Feature management skills you have that align with the job description, such as customer relationship management, supply management and business-to-business sales. Provide a mix of technical skills, such as human resources experience, supply management and proficiency in Microsoft Office, and soft skills like team management and attention to detail.

Get to the next level: Gain experiences and achievements in areas such as the following:

  • Opportunities where you displayed strong leadership during planning, work delegation and work execution
  • Experience in training and managing new employees to ensure compliance with requirements
  • Examples of experiences where you’ve gone above and beyond your usual responsibilities, as well as extra training you’ve had in areas such as project management and business administration

Recommended Janitorial Resume templates

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This template uses capitalized blue headers in bold font with sleek line section dividers to clearly organize information.


This layout features a color header section to make the applicant’s name and contact information stand out. The dual-column design highlights both work experience and skills, making for quick scanning.


This design features dot graphics to distinguish each section, while highlighting your skills and work history. The applicant’s name is presented in large, bold font for instant attention.

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Janitorial Resume FAQs

1.How should you format your resume?

To choose the best format, consider your own work experience and skills. If you’re a fresh graduate with limited work experience, focus on your skills, internships and/or extracurricular activities using a functional format. If you are applying for an upper-level managerial position, you should use a chronological format, which focuses on your work history. If you have a few years of experience, you can also opt for a combination (or hybrid) format, which provides a blend of relevant skills and work history highlights.

2.What industry-relevant skills and qualities should be emphasized in a janitorial job resume?

Soft skills:Technical skills:
Excellent communicationEquipment maintenance & handling
Interpersonal skillsKnowledge of chemicals
Customer ServiceSweeping
Time managementMopping
Attention to detailPlumbing
Physically fit and strongWashing windows
Flexible and dependableCleaning and sanitizing
Restocking supplies
Electrical repairs
Grounds maintenance
Soft skills:
Excellent communication
Interpersonal skills
Customer Service
Time management
Attention to detail
Physically fit and strong
Flexible and dependable
Technical skills:
Equipment maintenance & handling
Knowledge of chemicals
Washing windows
Cleaning and sanitizing
Restocking supplies
Electrical repairs
Grounds maintenance

3. How do you find and integrate keywords in a resume?

Read through the job description and note all the words that describe prime requirements and duties for the job (e.g., “cleaning floors,” “safety and compliance management,”” “supplies management” or “customer service skills”). Match these keywords with your own abilities and experiences, and present them in your skills section, making sure to also describe work experiences in your work history and summary sections that also address these keywords. For example, if the job emphasizes “preventive maintenance work,” come up with skills and job experiences that show your ability to handle those duties.