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What Construction Workers Do

The field of construction encompasses a wide variety of jobs, including everything from manual labor to building inspection to project management. The typical job duties of those employed in the construction field vary just as widely. Construction workers build buildings, run electrical lines, install tile, install a roof and remove hazardous substances. They write bids for jobs and coordinate the efforts of several different teams.

The work environment that construction workers work in varies significantly as well. Some workers are able to complete the majority of their work indoors, while others work outside in all sorts of conditions. Some workers work in an office setting, while others work at a job site or travel frequently between job sites. Some workers do a great deal of physical labor, while others typically do more office-type duties.

Education & Training Requirements

No formal education is required to become an entry-level construction laborer. Most of the knowledge that construction workers need can be gained by working in the field alongside more experienced laborers. Workers who are unsure about how to complete their job duties correctly can ask a fellow employee or their boss, or they can consult books, the Internet and YouTube.

Individuals who are interested in advanced construction jobs, such as that of a building inspector or project manager, typically do need to obtain some type of degree or certification, however. The specific qualifications that individuals need to meet will vary based on the exact job that they are seeking.

The Importance of a Construction Cover Letter

The average pay for construction laborers is 29,160 dollars per year, while the average pay for construction managers is 82,790 dollars per year. While obtaining a job as a construction laborer is not too difficult, individuals who want a more advanced and better paying construction job need a way to stand out from the crowd. In addition to earning certifications, educations and years of job experience, construction workers also need to write a quality resume with a cover letter in order to obtain the construction job they are seeking. A quality cover letter like the one in the example below will help workers stand out from the crowd and get hired.

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