General Labourer Cover Letter Example & Templates

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A cover letter, unlike a resume, gives you a chance to show a bit of your personality while highlighting the skills, experiences, and accomplishments you have that make you right for the job. If you want to wow the hiring manager, you need a high-quality document. You can use this free general labourer cover letter sample and the following guidelines to get a better understanding of what to include throughout your own document.

Dr. Mr. Mark Haversham,

When I saw your job posting for a general labourer, I was immediately interested in applying. Building, Inc. is well known for providing high quality services to its customers, and that is something I want to be a part of. I am a strong candidate because of my physical stamina and ability to follow directions.

According to your job description, you are looking for someone who will be able to carry out tasks as instructed. I have no problem following orders. Not only am I willing to follow, but I also understand what needs to get done.

As a general labourer, I know that physical stamina is important. I may have to dig trenches, carry building materials, operate big equipment, and hoist materials into position. I have both the endurance and strength needed to perform these and other important tasks.

Based on the type of worker you are looking for, I would be a great hire. I would love to talk with you in person about my past experience and what I am able to do. Thank you for taking the time to review my resume.

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What to Include in a General Labourer Cover Letter

Try to use a professional tone throughout your one-page letter. If you need help with the format of these four paragraphs, review the free general labourer cover letter sample again. Avoid reiterating the same skills, accomplishments, and experiences that are on your resume, as this letter should add to the information you give the hiring manager. You may also want to use keywords found in the job description to make your fit for the position even more clear.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

It is important that your cover letter exemplifies your abilities and points to the industry you are trying to get a job in. The above free general labourer cover letter sample gives you some ideas on how to incorporate your past experience. If applicable, you may also want to include some of the following skills:

● Physical stamina: General labourers may have to stay on their feet for long periods of time and work in hot weather.
● Math ability: A general labourer may have to do some calculations to figure out how much materials are needed or how to cut certain pieces.
● Physical strength: Labourers may also have to lift heavy materials into place.
● Mechanical abilities: You may be required to operate common equipment, such as back hoes, jackhammers, and skid steers.