Site Manager Cover Letter Example & Templates

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For many jobseekers, writing a cover letter can be more intimidating than writing a resume. Fitting a large amount of information into half a page can be daunting, and to make things more difficult, you will need to craft a cover letter that convinces the reader to look at your resume. If you need a bit of help writing your own letter, take a few pointers from the free site manager cover letter sample below.

Dear Mr. Crawford,

As a dedicated construction site manager with over three years of experience, I would like to express my sincerest interest in this job. At my present job, I have acquired a vast amount of skills that would be highly beneficial to your construction company and its employees. I am a hard worker, and I understand the impact that a successful manager can have on workers.

My current role as a construction site manager has allowed me to develop an understanding of the entire industry. I typically split my time between office work and work on the floor with my employees. This has helped me learn about the business aspect of construction, as well as the personal aspect.

My approach to management involves building a strong and motivated team that is willing to take on challenges. I also believe in fostering a supportive environment that allows my workers to take pride in their work. This can be a difficult task to achieve, but with my previous job evaluations, I truly believe that I have exceeded my highest expectations.

If you need a well-rounded and experienced site manager on your staff, I firmly believe that I fit the bill. I intend to use my talents and abilities to boost morale and productivity at your construction site. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I look forward to discussing this opportunity at greater length.

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What to Include in a Site Manager Cover Letter

When writing an industry-specific cover letter like the free site manager cover letter sample above, please avoid restating the obvious. Repeating self-evident information or details on your resume will simply alienate and bore the reader. If you are unsure of what type of file to send, send a PDF, since most professional environments have the ability to open these files. Finally, include details that are relevant to the industry you want to work in.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Like the free site manager cover letter sample above, you will need to spice up your cover letter with skills that actually matter to the reader. If you are applying to be a site manager, be sure that your letter includes at least some of the skills below.

● Outgoing: No one wants to hire an unenthusiastic or pessimistic manager.
● Safe: On an industrial site, a manager’s main concern should be the safety of the workers.
● Organized: Keeping your team and materials organized is highly important.
● Personable: You will be managing others, so you should list details that highlight your positive attributes.