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Apprentice Carpenter Cover Letter Example

Job Description & Responsibilities

An apprentice carpenter assists a carpenter with all aspects of carpentry, from routine repairs to new installations. He or she may perform some duties on their own with minimal supervision, depending on their initial skill level: supervision is usually required when assisting with more involved projects. Apprentice carpenters work both indoors and outdoors, performing a variety of tasks with many different types of building materials. Your apprentice carpenter cover letter should highlight the services you offer, as well as your education and training.

Education & Training

An apprentice carpenter must have a high school diploma or the equivalent. An apprentice may be required to acquire additional certifications during their apprenticeship. A carpenter’s apprentice working for a construction company or small business may need to fill out time cards and similar tasks to keep track of their time worked. A basic understanding of carpentry is essential, including how to use the standard tools of the trade and follow instructions, especially if given certain tasks to perform independently.Math skills are also important to take accurate measurements and identify various lengths and widths of lumber. A lot of what a carpenter’s apprentice learns will be from hands-on experience due to the nature of the work. An apprentice carpenter cover letter should emphasis all relevant experience and any certification and schooling already completed.

Salary Range

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for an apprentice carpenter ranges from 8 to 14 dollars per hour. A successful apprentice may eventually earn a median salary of 39,94 dollars 0 as a carpenter. Employment opportunities for carpenters are expected to grow by approximately 22 percent through 2022 due to an expected increase in the demand for new home construction and home remodeling. This job growth is higher than the average growth expected in similar in-demand fields. Get started by using MyPerfetCoverLetter to put together an effective apprentice carpenter cover letter.

Apprentice Carpenter Cover Letter Sample