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Roofer Cover Letter Example + Tips

When you apply for a new job, you need to convey as much information about yourself as you can. You need to stand apart from the competition so that the hiring manager feels compelled to call you in for an interview. Despite how common these documents are, many people are still unsure about how to write them. Take a look at this free roofer cover letter sample to get a sense of how long your letter needs to be and what material it needs to include.

Dear Mr. Olsen,

With 15 years of roofing experience under my belt, I believe I have the knowledge and expertise to be a true asset to your company.

One quality many roofers tend to overlook is promptness. Our customers’ needs are a priority, so I never make anyone wait. After hearing from numerous clients that they were upset about how late some maintenance professionals would sometimes be, I took it upon myself to lead change in my own company. I always took extra measures to arrive early and encouraged every other roofer to do the same. I believe this played a huge role in our outstanding online reviews.

Safety is another big concern for me. That is why I implemented measures at my last job to reduce the rate at which our roofers were getting injured. This involved enrolling the team in safety classes and developing a handbook to teaches new hires how to be safe. We went from having an average of seven injuries a year in 2009 to zero for the last three years.

Thank you for considering me to be your company’s new roofer. If there is anything else you would like to know about me, do not hesitate to call.

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What to Include in a Roofer Cover Letter

Talk about the company and what you possess that could be beneficial. To cut some of the fat out of your letter, you should consider skipping business clichés and getting straight to the point of why you are the perfect candidate. Use humor wisely in the document, or avoid it entirely if you are unsure how the reader would respond. Extra pointers to be learned from this free roofer cover letter sample include keeping it shorter than one page, staying on message, and adding to points you brought up on your resume.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Much like this free roofer cover letter sample, your own document needs to contain information relevant to the field you want to work in. A good way to accomplish this is to add useful skills.

● No fear of heights: Since you will be working on roofs, you should be comfortable with heights.
● Balance: You need to be comfortable on your feet because you will be standing on slopes.
● Physical strength: You will be carrying a lot of materials to every worksite.
● Punctuality: Your company should trust you to show up on time ready to work.


Cover Letter Examples by Industry

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