System Administrator Cover Letter Example + Tips

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Cover letters, when done well, can have a dramatic impact on your ability to be offered a new job. These documents often serve as the first point of contact between applicants and hiring managers, so it is essential that they are perfect in every sense. One way to meet this standard is to consult a free system administrator cover letter sample, like the one included below. These samples give applicants an idea of the types of information to include, as well as what to stay away from. Read the following tips to gain a better understanding of the cover letter-writing process.

Dear Mr. Gray,

As someone who is looking for the opportunity to work for a company filled with talented, highly qualified and laid-back professionals, I was excited to see your job posting for system administrator. With my extensive experience in this industry, I can say with confidence that I am the ideal candidate for the job.

I am proud to have a long track record of success in keeping business computer systems running properly. I have gained this ability through dedication to the craft, detailed and rigorous training, progressive work experience, and a solid educational foundation.

In addition to being organized with a love for detailed work, I have a passion for what I do. I find it to not only be rewarding and interesting, but I genuinely love the process of troubleshooting network and computer system software and hardware failures. I have had the opportunity to work on LINUX, UNIX, and Windows throughout my career, and I am a Cisco Certified Network Associate and a Cisco Certified Network Professional.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to the opportunity to further discuss my qualifications in an interview setting.

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What to Include in a System Administrator Cover Letter

As demonstrated in our free system administrator cover letter sample, it is important to remain concise in your letter, since hiring managers must often read hundreds in their search for a proper employee. Additionally, a system administration must know up-to-date industry terms, so it is often beneficial for you to show you know and use these terms on a regular basis. Another way to catch the eye of an employer is to use the language found in the job posting, so the employer knows you are serious about that particular position.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

When you create your letter following the guideline of this free system administrator cover letter sample, you should always tailor it to the job you are trying to get, along with your abilities. It is often beneficial to include some of the following skills as well.

● Technology savvy: Employers need administrators who understand a variety of systems and programs and who are properly trained.
● Teamwork: Maintaining business systems involves teamwork and interaction with many different people from many different departments.
● Problem-solving skills: The ability to pinpoint problems and determine the best course of action to take to fix them is vital to manage networked systems.
● Confidentiality: Working with businesses often means working with proprietary information that must be kept confidential.