Telecommunication Project Manager Resume Example

Kellie Hanna, CPRW
By Kellie Hanna, CPRW, Career Advice Expert Last Updated: March 13, 2023
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The pursuit of a new job doesn’t have to be daunting. If you have a detailed but concise resume, you should be able to get the telecommunication project manager you’re looking for. Think about a resume being your first opportunity to market your most valuable skills and strongest professional achievements. Take note: A telecommunication project manager resume needs to include your proficiency with networks and software programs you’re familiar with. Don’t forget to mention your organization skills, time management abilities, experience with different network systems, and interpersonal skills. Organize all of this information in a concise manner and put it in a bulleted format so the employer doesn’t have to look all over the document to find it. Examine the different telecommunication project manager resume templates and use them as a blueprint to write your own.

telecommunication project manager resume format

Telecommunication Project Manager Resume Questions

1. Should you include references on a telecommunication project manager resume?
Before you include references on your resume, there are two things you should consider. First, did the job posting specifically ask for you to include reference information on your resume? If so, you should plan on including reference information on this document. Second, do you feel like references would enhance your application? If you think they would, go ahead and add this information. You can include reference information on the second page of your resume. Make sure you add the names, professional title, and correct contact information for every reference you decide to add.
2. How do you write the experience section of your telecommunication project manager resume?
As you can see from our telecommunication project manager resume sample, the candidate includes one job under the work experience section and then multiple bullet points describing responsibilities for this position. You should include as many separate work experiences as are necessary and related to the open job posting for this section. You should also include between five and eight different bullet points to describe your responsibilities for every position you list on your resume.
3. How do you describe computer skills on your telecommunication project manager resume?
As a telecommunication project manager, computer skills are an important part of your professional capabilities. Our telecommunication project manager resume sample candidate lists Microsoft Office proficiency and CAD software proficiency as two of her computer skills. These skills may be a good fit for your resume as well, but you can include as many computer skills as you possess as long as they are relevant to the open job.
4. How do you write the header of a telecommunication project manager resume?
Your document’s header is what employers initially see when they pick up your application, so we recommend following the same format used on our telecommunication project manager resume sample. Plan on listing your full name, current physical address, telephone number, and email address. You may want to add your name in a font larger than the rest of the information to make it stand out. If you need help formatting your resume’s header and the rest of this document, we suggest using our customized resume builder. This tool can help you quickly and easily put together a winning resume, so you can get back to your job hunt.
5. How do you highlight soft skills on a telecommunication project manager resume?
Soft skills are non-technical abilities, like organization, customer service, and time-management skills. As you put together your resume, plan on using a blend of soft and hard skills to elevate your chances of making a positive impression on potential employers. You can incorporate soft skills in your professional summary and work experience sections in addition to listing them directly as bullet points under your skills section.

Resume Text

Nettie Russel
123 Fake Street
City, State, Zip Code
Cell: 000-000-0000


Telecommunication Project Manager with considerable experience maintaining telecommunication networks and implementing VoIP technologies. Displaying versatility while completing telecommunication installations and maintaining such systems for clients. Committed to staying current on industry standards to better achieve project goals.


  • WAN and LAN network operations
  • Network installations and configurations
  • Aptitude for telecommunications technologies
  • MS Office and CAD software proficiency
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Ability to prioritize
  • Time management skills
  • Positive attitude

Work Experience

March 2011 to Present Company Name
— City, State Telecommunication Project Manager

  • Verify the availability of telecommunications circuitry and related system upgrades requested by clients selecting specific packages.
  • Monitor and manage all project development processes to ensure client satisfaction.
  • Review telecommunication plans and prepare project status reports.
  • Coordinate with accounting department to put together project budgets and determine cost-effective implementation methods.

October 2006 to February 2011
Company Name — City, State Telecommunication Project Manager

  • Served as a productive members of the front-line support team.
  • Scheduled on-site maintenance checks and system repairs.
  • Coordinated with key people to confirm the availability of the required project resources, including the ordering of customized hardware.

May 2003 to September 2006 Company Name
— City, State Telecommunication Project Manager

  • Confirmed compliance with FCC regulations.
  • Tracked all project-related expenditures.
  • Responded to reports of project issues and provided updates to clients.
  • Inspected equipment provided by third-party vendors.
  • Performed regular inspections at project sites and evaluated progress.
  • Hired employees, including temp workers required for more extensive telecommunication projects.
  • Made upgrades to existing project plans to accommodate unexpected issues or new client requests.
  • Inspected the completed installation of network and communications equipment.


2004 University of California, City, State Bachelor of Science, Networking
2002 Lakeside Community College, City, State Associate’s Degree, Computer Science