Computer-aided drafting, also known as CAD, is still a large part of many architectural firms. If you are looking for a job as an architectural drafter or assistant and want your CV to stand out, then look at the CAD designer CV examples below. It has been crafted with your needs in mind to highlight what kind of work experience and education you should include in your CV. Putting the right information in an easily read format is an important part of a great CV, so make your CV attractive to recruiters with the help of this guide.

JoshuaPaul Archer

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Experienced CAD drafter seeking an advanced architectural position. Able to use multiple CAD programs, such as AutoCAD, VectorWorks, and DraftSight with experience learning new software as needed. Passionate about the continued use of technology to improve the design process and support creativity. Experienced in both civil and commercial design activities. Up-to-date on design and drafting best practices. Willing to travel and work flexible hours to meet deadlines.

  • Excellent communication skills in written and oral formats.
  • Able to read manuals and understand new software quickly.
  • Critical thinker and problem solver with an eye for detail.
  • Technologically savvy and motivated to stay up-to-date on new systems.
  • Knowledgeable of common design problems and their solutions.
  • Able to evaluate drafts on paper or on the computer for possible problems.
Work Experience
Electrical Drafter
December 2016 – Present


Company Name

  • Use CAD to lay out electrical grids in houses and commercial buildings.
  • Part of a team where communication and coordination are key.
  • Work as a rotating lead depending on where in the design process a project is.
  • Ensure best practices are being used on shared design projects.

Architectural Drafting Assistant –
June 2014 – December 2016


Company Name

  • Participated in work-study program where students apprentice to local drafters.
  • Converted old drafts to newer software so archives would be up-to-date.
  • Communicated between master drafter and clients about design needs.
  • Studied the connection between hardware and software as it pertains to drafting.

Civil Engineer Assistant –
May 2012 – May 2013


Company Name


  • Rendered drawings of park remodels for use during fundraising campaign.
  • Studied road proposals to find possible traffic problems.
  • Presented interactive workshop for children at the library titled, “Where Do Roads Go?”


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
May 2013


Coursework included Advanced Digital Systems and Solid State Dynamics
City, State
Master of Science in Architectural Drafting
December 2016


Coursework included Historic Design and Material Science
City, State
Hobbies and Interests

Interested in culinary arts and currently in a course for making sushi, nigiri, and sashimi. Frequently host dinner parties with friends to experiment with new recipes both local and international. Passionate about involving children in STEM at a young age. Present fun workshops at local libraries about architecture and civil engineering at least once a month. Working on a children’s book about the unseen layers of a house from the perspective of a mouse and her beetle friend.


Questions for Your CAD Designer CV

What does a good CAD designer CV look like?

The CAD designer CV sample shown provides you with an example of a good design for this kind of CV. Keep your CV template simple with no extra, unnecessary embellishments. Each section should also have the same formatting, such as font size, color, and weight. Within the work experience and education sections, keep information concise with bullet points as needed. A hobbies section is a good thing to add to a CV and should include at least one reference to a computing or mechanical pastime you enjoy.

 How do you list certifications on your CAD designer CV?

CAD and AutoCAD certifications can improve the attractiveness of your CV, so include any you have recently earned. These would go after your work experience section, but whether they are before or after your education section depends on how long ago you earned each award. If your diplomas are from many years ago and your certifications are more recent, list them before your education. The step-by-step resume builder provided allows you some customization options as to where certain sections go, and our CAD designer CV offers visual assistance.

 How do you highlight soft skills on a CAD designer CV?

Soft skills, such as leadership and communication, are more important than ever to employers. That’s why it’s important to showcase these skills on your CV. You can insert these skills in multiple places, beginning with your opening summary statement. Within this section, you can mention one or two skills along with some relevant experience. The work experience section is another place to include these soft skills. Within your work experience bullet points you can include accomplishments that point to your leadership and networking skills. Finally, you can also list any soft skills you have in the skills section of your CV.

How many skills should you put on a CAD designer CV?

When listing skills in your CAD designer CV, look at the job description. A good start is to include any skills you have that are in the description. After listing those, add other skills you may have to bring the total between five and eight.

Unlike a resume, these skills you list can have some amount of detail rather than a single descriptive word. For example, in the CAD designer CV sample shown, you’ll notice instead of “Communication,” there is a longer description about certain communication skills.

 How do you write the qualifications section of a CAD designer CV?

Adding your qualifications is a good idea when writing a CAD designer CV. You will want to start by checking the required and preferred qualifications listed on the job posting. This should give you plenty to work with as you list out the qualifications you have that the hirer is looking for. You can add to this anything particularly impressive or relevant if the section is too short.

CAD Designer CV Must-Haves

What Does a CAD Designer Do?

Using CAD tools and software to draft designs is the main job responsibility of a CAD designer. These drafts may be for architecture, electrical systems or apparel. Architectural drafters use hand-drawn outlines to create a fully digital rendering of the building in question. This requires knowledge of CAD software and certain building principles. Depending on the designers involved, notes for this plan could be quite detailed or quite sketchy. Communication and attention to detail are two essential skills for a CAD designer, which is why you will see them highlighted in the above CAD designer CV example. Tailor your CV to the exact sort of design position you want with relevant education and work experience. This example and the accompanying tips are useful for editing an existing CV or making a new one.

Tips for Creating a Great CAD Designer CV

  • When listing work experience, do not list the reason or reasons you left a position. This takes up unnecessary space and may paint you in a poor light.
  • Be sure to include any technical hobbies you have. CAD has a long history, and recruiters like to see that you acknowledge and understand that.
  • Take extra care to use different words to explain similar jobs. Repetition is difficult to read and may cause a recruiter to pass over your CV.
  • Use bullet points for your work experience and skills. This is easier to read and lets a recruiter go right to what she or he is looking for.
  • For old jobs, use past tense, but for current positions, use present tense.
  • Only use known, industry abbreviations. Avoid using abbreviations of in-house software products or lesser known program suites.
  • To proofread your CV, enlist the help of friends and colleagues. Read the CV out loud and have them read it for themselves.

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