ABAP development demands a highly refined skill set, and if it is your specialty, it’s likely that you are adept in a number of areas. Even the most qualified professional can be caught off guard by something they have never done before, though. If you need to create a CV and are unsure of where to start, or if you just need to review its conventions, start by consulting a good resource. Our ABAP developer CV example is coupled with tips and tricks that explain exactly what employers are looking for when they ask you to submit a curriculum vitae.

Adam Teller

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Professional Summary

Professional ABAP Developer with extensive experience in multiple programming languages and platforms. Most skilled in ABAP and its applications in businesses as small as 20 personnel or as big as 450 personnel. Able to be productive in either a team setting or an individual space. Committed to effective problem solving for all ABAP issues and invested in the continual innovation of ABAP software so that the company may better have its interests served and clients see better results.

  • Able to receive direction or work independently.
  • Proficient in multi-tasking.
  • Exemplary problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills.
  • Highly skilled in general programming and coding.


Work Experience
ABAP Developer                                                                May 2015-Present


  • Develop new products on ABAP platforms to serve businesses and provide solutions to common issues.
  • Troubleshoot any issues that may arise with ABAP software and offer expedient problem-solving services.
  • Test all products prior to rollout to ensure that they are up to the highest standard and useful to business’s needs.

Company Name Manager                                    August 2013-May 2015


  • Partnered with clients to offer advanced service and troubleshooting for particularly problematic ABAP and general software issues.
  • Developed patches, updates, and other solutions to mitigate the problems that commonly occurred within the company.
  • Gathered and interpreted data to better understand the needs of the business as well as clients in terms of software functions.

Software Designer                                              February 2012-August 2013


  • Worked under senior software managers to create software, including ABAP-based properties, that would be used in business.
  • Utilized knowledge of code and software to find innovative new solutions to issues within the software.
  • Maximized integration potential of all software by coordinating development with that of other platforms.



Bachelor of Science in Computer Science                                               2012


Arkansas School of Technology
Master of Science in Software Development and Management         2013
California School of Technology
Hobbies and Interests

Outside of work, I enjoy coding and programming for my own purposes and creating web applications that I use for my various interests. I also greatly enjoy video games, and I game competitively when I have the chance. I play games of nearly any genre, and I own several different consoles that give me the ability to explore various gaming worlds. The most important of all my hobbies, however, is the volunteer work I do at the local children’s hospital. I visit regularly with several friends and offer comedy and entertainment to kids who are in the hospital for short- and long-term stays.

ABAP Developer Job Overview and Tips

What Does ABAP Developer Do?

An ABAP developer is primarily responsible for creating the code and programming that is necessary for use in ABAP software platforms. In addition to general coding, an ABAP developer is expected to deliver a quality product that is professional, effective, and innovatively helpful to potential business clients. ABAP developers will also work with managers to tailor platform to clients’ needs and ensure that any issues are patched and corrected before program rollout. If issues do arise, an ABAP developer must provide a solution as quickly as possible. If you want to create a fantastic CV that includes these and other essential skills, you can check out our ABAP developer CV example for more information on what kind of contents employers will be expecting.

Tips for Creating a Great ABAP Developer CV

Your CV is the first impression you make on an employer, and if you want it to be a good one, you will need to carefully tailor your CV to the position. The example contained above offers some general guidance, and these tips offer more advice on how to create a winning CV:

  1. Do give examples of the other programming languages and platforms that you are familiar with in addition to ABAP.
  2. Don’t overemphasize your education at the expense of your work history or vice versa — both are equally important.
  3. Do focus primarily on the experience you have that is directly relevant to the ABAP developer position you are seeking.
  4. Don’t include obvious phrases such as “references available” when an employer will likely be able to infer that this is a given.
  5. Do avoid personal information that may be construed controversial, such as religious or political preferences.

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