Today’s job market in the construction industry can be quite competitive because of the sheer number of job applicants looking for work. It’s up to a job candidate to develop a useful strategy to help stand out from the crowd. The best method of doing this is to write a CV that gets a hiring manager’s attention so you get more interview requests and find your job faster. You can achieve this if you follow the standards used in the construction site supervisor CV example listed here.


Michael Hall

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Hard-working and dependable construction site supervisor with 12 years of success in the industry. Demonstrated history of leading successful construction projects for multi-million-dollar residential housing developments. Proven leadership skills that have helped projects get completed within the time and budget constraints. Dedication to following all appropriate safety requirements for OSHA and the appropriate building codes. Passion for excellent workmanship and quality construction for each task, no matter how small.

  • Experience working with construction equipment, such as welding equipment, levels, power saws, and personnel lifts.
  • Strong background in construction and building, with skills in carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, repair, and more.
  • Knowledge of all pertinent federal safety regulations and procedures required for the local area and the state of Washington.
  • Exceptional leadership ability, helping me keep the team motivated and on-task and keep the project timeline on target.
  • Skilled communicator, whether speaking to each team member in the field or when updating management about progress.
Work Experience
Construction Site Supervisor
November 2014 – present


  • Manage a team of 27 construction workers on a 25-million-dollar housing development project by scheduling shifts, delegating responsibilities, and supervising tasks.
  • Follow engineering and architectural recommendations on the blueprints when completing construction tasks for the project.
  • Order construction materials, tools, and machines in relation to needs according to the schedule of construction.



Construction Site Supervisor
December 2008 – November 2014


  • Oversaw a staff of 12 laborers, contractors, and construction workers on an apartment building project’s construction.
  • Counseled team members and evaluated their performance throughout the scope of the project with appropriate personnel actions when needed.
  • Completed the apartment building project three months early and $50,000 under budget due to more work output each day and strategic scheduling.



Construction Worker
February 2005 – December 2008


  • Operated heavy machinery and hand tools in a construction project building residential townhomes and apartments.
  • Followed the supervisor’s recommendations and used project blueprints to complete foundation and wall building procedures.
  • Promoted to construction site supervisor after more than three successful years on the team as a construction worker.





Certified Construction Site Safety Master


National Institute for Certification in Building
High School Diploma


Willow Grove High School
City, State
Hobbies and Interests

On some weekday nights and every weekend, I am part of an amateur bowling league. I started bowling when I was eight, and I used to be a teen champion bowler in high school. Now, I am limited to bowling a few times a week with my league. Occasionally, our team enters amateur bowling competitions around the region. We also organize community bowling events to help raise money for local charities.



Construction Site Supervisor Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Construction Site Supervisor Do?

The construction site supervisor is the team leader on a building site for a commercial or residential construction project. The construction site supervisor CV example gives you a preview of some of the types of duties typical in this role. Those who work in this field spend their work days at a building site directing workers to specific tasks and timelines. They also schedule each worker for shifts during the project’s scope and assign different skilled workers to specific jobs in the building process. Construction site supervisors may sometimes need to discuss work performance with team members if things aren’t going well or if recognition is deserved. As the project progresses, the construction site supervisor must stay on schedule and within the budget. They must also report the status of each part of the building process to upper management.

Tips for Creating a Great Construction Site Supervisor CV

You can lower your chances of having a frustrating job search by making sure your CV is amazing. Here are some ways you can improve your CV’s effectiveness using our CV builder:

  • Write an entirely new CV for each job you’re attempting to land, and adjust the wording around to fit each position.
  • Peruse the job posting to find out what exactly an employer is looking for, and make sure your CV answers the questions and meets the requirements.
  • Show off any construction skills and experience you have working on different types of jobs before you became a supervisor on a site.
  • Describe what kind of leadership skills you have to help a hiring manager understand your management philosophy.
  • Include a history of your experience with different types of machinery usually found on a construction site.

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