Whey applying for a position as a drive test engineer, you need a personalized CV to show hiring managers that you possess more than just basic technical skills. With the help of our drive test engineer CV example and writing tips, you can craft a CV that will help prove you are an accomplished professional. By following the guidelines provided when writing sections such as the Professional Summary and Interests, you can give the reader a glimpse of your personality and increase your chances of getting an interview.

James Miller

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: email@email.com P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Five years of excellent service as an accomplished drive test engineer. Specializing in performance monitoring of indicators such as dropped calls, handovers, and missing neighbors. Efficient at both data collecting and post processing on multiple networks. Adept at managing members of a project team to complete assignments efficiently and accurately. Superior troubleshooting abilities on a variety of equipment including scanners and software.

  • Extensive knowledge of multiple networks including GSM, CDMA, and TDMA
  • Strong troubleshooting abilities in a wide variety of situations when faced with faulty or failing equipment
  • Excellent at accurately recording, processing, and analyzing data in order to achieve network optimization
  • Exceptional at leading a team and motivating others to perform outstanding work
  • Widespread knowledge of and ability to use all drive test equipment and tools
  • Extremely competent with trip tools such as Street Atlas and Microsoft Street
Work Experience
Drive Test Engineer
March 2015-present


  • Direct the troubleshooting for various field teams, including equipment failure.
  • Analyze data from multiple drive tests to identify coverage issues, do network research, and verify sites.
  • Create a process to streamline data collection and reduce the amount of time spent gathering necessary reports.
  • Configure multiple vehicle setups simultaneously with various equipment requirements.
  • Plan drive test routes to guarantee thorough and accurate data collection in each sector.
  • Coordinate with many project teams to avoid redundancy, ensure correct data transfer and integrity, and implement proper processing of all acquired data.

Associate Drive Test Engineer
May 2012-March 2015


  • Managed the inventory of various equipment such as laptops, antennas, and scanners.
  • Performed drive tests, including traces analysis.
  • Solved equipment issues in the field related to laptops and communication ports.
  • Analyzed performance data and indicators such as interference and call drops for multiple networks in 2G, 3G, and 4G.
September 2011-May-12


GTL Americas
City, State
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering


University of Colorado Denver
City, State
Hobbies and Interests

Computer coding has been my favorite hobby since I was young, and I enjoy finding ways to improve programs. I am very interested in creating applications that can help me in my daily life as well as in my line of work. I have also more recently taken up photography because I enjoy trying to capture common items in a new way. I have three dogs and volunteer on a weekly basis at the local animal shelter.

Drive Test Engineer Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Drive Test Engineer Do?

A drive test engineer uses special equipment set up in a moving vehicle to collect data on the performance of cellular networks. As a professional drive test engineer, you can also be responsible for analyzing the data gathered and drawing conclusions about where improvements are necessary. The results of your research can identify problems such as interference and dropped calls in certain areas so that sectors requiring further development can be pinpointed. In some cases, you may be called upon to set up the equipment and provide technological assistance for any malfunctions of the data-collecting tools. Because candidates for this position will mostly be professionals with previous experience, it is important that your CV showcases any special skills and experience you may have. Using the drive test engineer CV example can help you understand what will set you apart from other applicants.

Tips for Creating a Great Drive Test Engineer CV

While creating your own drive test engineer CV, remember these tips:

  • Keep your information as concise as possible. Adding superfluous information can bore your reader and keep them from looking at more pertinent facts you have listed.
  • Have a commanding personal summary section, highlighting skills that could convince a manager to hire you over other applicants.
  • Make the most of the skills section by pointing out specific ways you have used your abilities or areas in which you gained recognition.
  • Stay away from using a general CV for every position you apply for. Having a job-specific CV will show potential employers that you are professional and knowledgeable about that role.
  • Don’t forget the basics of checking and editing your CV after you write it, because misspelled words or incorrect personal information may cost you an opportunity for an interview.
  • When applying for a position requiring knowledge about or experience with certain tools or systems, be specific about your level of familiarity with the necessary equipment.

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