The motion picture industry is known for being extremely competitive, particularly when it comes to securing roles on production crews. If you are a cinematographer, distinguishing yourself from others working in your space requires a well-composed curriculum vitae. Such a document presents your qualifications in a way that is both professional and engaging. Included here is a cinematographer CV example for you to use as a resource when creating your own. The accompanying writing guidelines will also help you to understand what sort of information you should include.


Chris Christensen

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Professional cinematographer looking to secure consistent work with documentary film crew. Over 8 years of experience working in the profession, with numerous past television and film productions in portfolio. Have worked with several different directors and producers who have helped to gain exposure to several different production styles. Well-versed in production design, lighting, and acoustics. Familiar with editing software programs and adept at working with audio engineers to help match sound to shot. Expert-level understanding of camera equipment, including operation and maintenance. Accustomed to working in any sort of conditions, including outdoor sets.

  • Expert in camera function and operations, having demonstrated skills at capturing shots in multiple settings.
  • Work well as a member of a production team, with a strong understanding of how different units collaborate during the filming and editing processes.
  • Recognized as being a reliable leader and manager.
  • Able to receive and process criticism well.
  • In good physical condition and able to handle the rigors of outdoor production.
Work Experience
Principal Cinematographer
April 2012 – December 2016


Company Name

  • Supervised all filming operations for popular network outdoor reality television show.
  • Led team of three cinematographers responsible for all camera work.
  • Coordinated the work of eight different team members in setting up equipment, measuring light levels to avoid overexposure, and breaking down and storing all camera components.
  • Recognized by network as being among the top five production managers in 2015.

Cinematographer “Mothers and Daughters”
February 2009 – March 2012



  • Served as part of a six-person cinematography crew that participated in the filming of primetime network sitcom.
  • Named as primary cameraman during studio production.
  • Collaborated with other members of the team to help ensure safe transport of equipment to off-site shoots.
  • Participated in the capturing and editing of over 500 hours of film.

Cinematography Support Technician,
January 2008 – February 2009


Company Name


  • Part of 16-person cinematography team working on feature film for major motion picture studio.
  • Supported the principal cinematographer by supervising camera setup and takedown, as well as monitoring recording during production.
  • Worked with set designer to help rig cable wires to capture action sequences.
  • Became accustomed to working with camera equipment in harsh weather conditions.

Production Assistant
June 2006 – December 2007


Afternoon Trivia Time


  • Worked as member of the production unit of popular network game show while completing undergraduate studies.
  • Participated in the production of over 300 shows.
  • Primary responsibilities included set maintenance and equipment wiring.
  • Worked closely with production manager in helping to coordinate collaboration with outside electrical crews.


Bachelors of Arts in Cinematography


Mike Curb College of Arts
Media and Communication


California State University Northridge
City, State
Hobbies and Interests

Animal lover who volunteers at local shelter feeding animals and cleaning out pens. Avid traveler who has toured the Mediterranean, China, and Africa. Enjoying hiking and camping.



Cinematographer Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Cinematographer Do?

While you may already have a strong understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a cinematographer due to your past experience, it’s important to recognize your previous jobs may have involved specialty work that may not apply to other positions. Thus, as you can see in the cinematographer CV example, whatever work experience you list should focus more on general cinematography tasks as opposed to specialty functions. As the primary responsibility of a cinematographer is to capture images on film, you should highlight your experience doing so as often as possible. Cinematographers also work closely with directors in planning and visualizing scenes in order to get the best shots. Ensuring that camera equipment is functioning properly and the lighting and sound conditions are conducive to filming is another job that they oversee. Cinematographers are also heavily involved in the film editing process.

Tips for Creating a Great Cinematographer CV

Remember that the cinematography CV example included here is simply meant to be a resource. It will show you how to structure your information, but you will still have to decide what information to include. The general purpose of a CV is to present yourself in a clear and concise manner, without including any unnecessary or irrelevant details. Therefore, as you build yours in our CV maker, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Present your work experience chronologically, starting with your most recent position. However, if you have an extensive work history, only list those jobs that apply to the one you are seeking.
  • Include quantifiable metrics whenever possible, as these will provide context to your professional achievements.
  • Do not include an explanation as to why you left your current position.
  • Try not to repeat the same terms throughout your document. Utilize writing and editing resources to come up with different adjectives.

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