Getting the job you want can take a lot of planning and strategizing. Take the first step by composing a CV that will impress employers right out of the gate. Before you begin, you need to decide which information to include and what qualifications to emphasize. Our project leader CV example shows you how to prioritize your credentials and use the right format for maximum impact. Remember to read the accompanying writing tips that will help you perfect your job application. Investing the time and effort to polish your CV is the best way to progress in your job search.


Carrie Matthews

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Expert project manager with substantial experience in leading all stages of technological projects. Increases revenues and cuts costs by implementing the effective completion of crucial projects while meeting time and budgetary goals. Consistent track record of delivering projects that meet goals. Business acumen and technological proficiency enable thorough understanding of requirements and methodology. Six Sigma Black Belt. Proficient in project management methodologies. Excels at motivating and managing team to obtain top-level performance. Strategic thinking enables efficient planning of project and successful implementation at all phases. Top communicator accustomed to interfacing with high-level executives.

  • Motivational, effective team leader
  • Business strategist
  • Custom software developer
  • Highly organized and detail oriented
  • Innovative thinker
  • Excellent communicator
  • Adept at seeing the big picture
Work Experience
Project Leader
September 2011 – Present



  • Lead cross-functional teams with business, technological, and financial components.
  • Meet business objectives by strategizing effective solutions.
  • Plan and implement all stages of projects.
  • Select most effective approaches and processes.
  • Manage corporate-wide system rollouts, migrations, and updates.
  • Manage massive software development projects.
  • Use cutting-edge technical knowledge to come up with innovative solutions.
  • Deliver great quality while staying within budget.
  • Analyze data to mitigate risk and ensure optimal use of resources.

Project Leader
April 2007 – September 2011



  • Worked with executive clients to define project parameters and goals.
  • Optimized use of resources to complete projects ahead of deadline and under budget.
  • Motivated and supervised team members.
  • Assigned tasks and monitored performance.
  • Created road map for all stages of project completion.
  • Designated resources for each part of the project.
  • Communicated with clients to keep them up to date on project status.
  • Created custom technological solutions for business success.

Software Development Manager
June 2002 – March 2007




  • Supervised software development department personnel.
  • Coordinated tasks.
  • Monitored performance and conveyed constructive feedback.
  • Defined, planned, and implemented development projects.
  • Met with business users to define goals and identify requirements.
  • Reduced operating costs by leading projects to create and implement software to automate several functions.


Certified Six Sigma Black Belt


American Society for Quality
Master in Business Administration


State University
City, State
Hobbies and Interests

Amateur painter and knitter. Enjoy relaxing with a book or taking a scenic walk. Volunteer at local food bank and organize fund-raising activities.



Questions for Your Project Leader CV

1. How do you list certifications on your project leader CV?

While most project leader positions do not require licensing, professional certifications can add a great deal to your CV. Obtaining additional training shows the dedication and drive employers want to see in a leader.

If you have a few certificates, include them in your education section, following the example of our project leader CV sample. If you graduated recently, have a large number of impressive and relevant certifications, or are applying to a position that does require certification, you may want to create a separate section.

2. What format should your project leader CV be in?

PDF continues to be the most common format for submitting CVs and other application materials. You can convert your document easily, but be sure to check for unwanted formatting changes before sending it off.

Some employers do deviate from this default and ask you to use a different format or a web form. Read the job listing carefully to make sure you do not miss important instructions.

3. How do you write a project leader CV?

Writing an effective CV means tailoring it to each position you apply for. Reading the job listing carefully and doing some basic research can help you get a better idea of what a specific employer looks for. You can then customize your CV to focus on those parts of your professional history that reflect the employer’s priorities.

High-quality resources can help you with phrasing, formatting, and content. Our project leader CV sample shows one example of an effective approach. You can get more personalized help with our customized CV builder.

4. How should you structure your project leader CV?

Following a conventional CV structure can help you organize your information easily and impressively. At the top, place a header that includes your name and contact information. Then open your CV with a professional summary that succinctly narrates the high points of your professional life.

Your skills section comes next and should contain about six to eight bullet points focusing on essential proficiencies. Follow it with a work history that lists previous positions and describes major job functions using metrics and action verbs. Your education section should list your undergraduate degree and relevant higher studies and certifications. Finally, your hobbies and interests section mentions outside pursuits; our project leader CV sample offers a great example of a hobbies section that reflects well on the applicant.

5. How do you optimize your project leader CV for an ATS?

Many employers today use an Applicant Tracking System to help manage the influx of CVs. The ATS filters CVs by scanning for certain keywords. You can give your CV a boost in this process by perusing the job listing and mirroring exact terms throughout your CV. While normally you may feel the instinct to paraphrase, in this instance, you need to use the same language you see in the job posting if you want your CV to progress to a hiring manager’s desk.

Project Leader CV Must-Haves

What Does a Project Leader Do?

Project leaders bear the responsibility of delivering a particular project. They work with the executives who want the project to figure out their goals and requirements. Not only must a project leader assure great quality, but they must also stay within a set budget and meet strict deadlines. An effective project leader combines creative thinking with a high level or organization and motivation. These characteristics enable you to come up with solutions while ensuring that all parts of the project go according to plan. Analytic skills are important, as you have to assess your information and resources to ensure that all are used optimally. Often, project leaders work with teams pulled from a variety of departments. As you see in our project leader CV example, people skills are key to building a cohesive, efficient team and communicating with executives.

Tips for Creating a Great Project Leader CV

Still not sure how to proceed with your own CV? The following guidelines present some basic advice to keep in mind as you begin crafting your CV:

  • Read the job description carefully to get a sense of which attributes are most important to a particular employer. This will help you decide which credentials and skills to list first.
  • A great project leader understands the wider purpose of an assigned project. Let potential employers know that you see the big picture, and work hard not just to meet requirements but also to further their greater business goals.
  •  Let a close friend or family member take a fresh look at your CV to check for typos and easily missed errors. Even a small mistake can seriously affect a hiring manager’s perception of your abilities.
  •  Avoid any type of negativity. If one of your accomplishments is successfully retrieving a bad situation, dwell on your actions, not on who caused the situation. Likewise, do not state your reasons for leaving your current job.

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