A project support officer must oversee a wide range of tasks to ensure that project-related goals are met in a timely manner with all relevant documentation and certification in place. Attention to detail, ability to work independently, great collaborative attitude, and a high degree of technical know-how are all essential aspects of this important job. Your work directly supports the accomplishment of important goals, so your curriculum vitae must reflect past successes and demonstrate your ability to handle many different tasks. Use this project support officer CV example to guide the creation of this important professional document.

AnneY. Mouze

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: email@email.com P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Experienced project support officer seeks team focused on excellence and accelerated performance in a customer-oriented company. Past experience includes data collection for project use, preparing reports summarizing project accomplishments for management and stakeholders, presenting project proposals and outlines to stakeholders, interdepartmental communication, creative problem solving utilizing extant resources, and providing essential support to project managers and head team members throughout the life of a project. I am a great independent self-starter and enthusiastic team member excited to take on new projects and professional development opportunities.

  • Developing clear and concise project proposals complete with data-driven solutions, statistics, and best practice citations.
  • Successfully presenting project proposals to managers and stakeholders.
  • Assessing skill set of existing project support team and leveraging these human assets in the achievement of identified goals.
  • Organizing project-related workflow to meet target objectives within stated timeframe.
Work Experience
August 2011 – January 2017


Company Name

  • Identified areas of necessary improvement by monitoring activity of existing automation infrastructure.
  • Developed response strategies relevant to company operations, materials handling protocols, and client expectations.
  • Implemented best practices to ensure that proposed projects complied with occupational health and workplace safety guidelines.
  • Networked with agents in other departments to assess impact of proposed projects and to secure support during implementation phases.
  • Assisted project manager and project leads with data collection, project proposal development, conducting research, and deployment of incremental stages in project advancement.

Project Support Officer
January 2007 – July 2011


Company Name

  • Fulfilled tasks and jobs delegated by senior project manager to support the accomplishment of identified goals related to current projects.
  • Researched safe materials handling protocols to identify shortcomings in existing operations.
  • Improved specimen fulfillment protocols by implementing current best practices and data-driven solutions.
  • Networked with employee training facilitator to coordinate improved communication of properly handling special materials, including cold shipments.
  • Designed workplace infographics detailing safe handling procedures and raising awareness of workplace health concerns.
  • Tracked occupational health statistics prior to and following implementation of workplace safety project to demonstrate effectiveness of strategies undertaken.
Continuing Education


On the job training and professional development


Hobbies and Interests

I like volunteering at local community service organizations, including the Volunteers of American Homeless Youth Shelter, where I help organize supply drives, fundraising efforts, and public outreach. I enthusiastically follow the annual performing arts season at Anytown University and especially enjoy attending student productions.


Questions for Your Project Support Officer CV

 How do you write the header of a project support officer CV?

The header of a CV for a project support officer position should contain your full name and contact information. You may include a physical or mailing address or your current city and state of residence. You should also provide at least two reliable methods of contact, such as an email address and a home or personal cell phone number. The candidate in our project support officer CV sample uses centered alignment, title text, and horizontal lines to make this CV template section stand out.

 How should you structure your project support officer CV?

Start with a complete header and then write either a professional summary or resume objective. Round out your CV with a list of qualifications relevant to the position you are seeking. Then, list your current or most recent job and past positions in the work experience section of your CV, followed by a list of educational attainments or professional credentials. The candidate on our project support officer CV sample also briefly describes her hobbies and interests at the end of her CV.If you are not sure how to structure this document, you may want to use our CV sample as a template for our step-by-step resume builder. This tool makes it easier for any jobseeker to prepare a professional CV in a short amount of time.

 How can you highlight team experience on a project support officer CV?

Project support officers teach and lead team members. There are many ways to draw attention to team experience on your CV. The candidate on our project support officer CV sample points out her ability to support project managers and team members.In the skills section of her CV, the candidate on our sample points out her experience working with project participants and stakeholders. You can also bring up team experience in the work history section of your CV if you have worked as a project support officer or in another team-oriented role.

 How many skills should you put on a project support officer CV?

List enough skills to give employers a sense of your qualifications for a project support officer position. You should list at least three or four skills but no more than 10. The candidate on our CV sample lists a total of four skills. Respond to the requirements for the project support officer job you want and account for the unique capabilities you bring to a position. Aim to inform employers without overwhelming them or distracting them with skills that are not applicable to the job you want.

 How do you describe achievements on your project support officer CV?

You may describe achievements in your summary statement, skills section, work experience section, or a separate section for awards and honors. You can bring up awards recognized by the professional community at large near the top of your CV. If you received recognition in a past position, explain why in the appropriate section of your work history section.

Project Support Officer CV Must-Haves

What Does a Project Support Officer Do?

A project support officer works closely with a project manager to achieve the objectives outlined in existing and proposed projects. These projects are intended to improve company operations, including the expansion of operations to encompass new services offered and the new market development. Project support officers are likely to do many different kinds of work and so need to be very familiar with general business technology, such as productivity software, as well as have specialized areas of technical knowledge, such as programming basics and technical writing. Use the project support officer CV example here to get an idea of how to implement your relevant experience for the job.

Tips for Creating a Great Project Support Officer CV

Remember these important tips when constructing your CV:

  • Every company requires different projects to ensure continued operation and improvement, so project team members should ideally have a diverse skill set that both supports existing efforts and adds to the intellectual assets of the company.
  • Demonstrating one’s ability to work closely with project managers and take the initiative can be challenging, but it is a necessity for developing a great project support officer CV.
  • Show how past professional experience required specific skills related to project success while specifying how your efforts supported company growth.
  • Put a positive spin on your accomplishments and be sure to double-check your document for spelling and grammar errors.
  • Make your CV clear, concise, and specific to exhibit your professional experience.

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