In many ways, a curriculum vitae is now the most important of all professional documents you might ever create. The presentation of your work history can wow a potential employer or lead them to choose someone else. To give your CV a style boost, refer to the attached IT support technician CV example. This document has been prepared with the information that employers are most interested in. Use it as a reference to guide you in creating a new professional CV or improving an existing document to reflect your current experience. Accelerating your job search is easy with the right tools.

LynY. Mouse

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Motivated IT support technician seeks new position in dynamic, growth-oriented company focused on cultivating exceptional customer experience and a positive work environment. With experience handling networking concerns, implementing new software, installing new hardware, and addressing user concerns, I bring attention to detail and a dedication to technical improvement to each job. Past achievements include new network architecture component selection and implementation, earning leading industry certifications, and driving the achievement of departmental goals.

  • Troubleshooting network concerns.
  • Assisting users in person and remotely with hardware-related concerns.
  • Utilizing technical training to resolve concerns related to software functionality.
  • Providing phone and online support to users.
  • Working in a team-oriented environment.
  • Implementing documentation protocols into departmental operations.
  • Supporting audio-visual interface with computer workstations and telecommunications technologies.
Work Experience
Anystate University-
August 2012 – January 2017


Company Name

  • Received help tickets from users on campus and delegated tasks to appropriate departmental personnel.
  • Provided on-phone and online support for users of extended campus communication network to facilitate effective operation of IT resources.
  • Delivered troubleshooting solutions to departments and console operators experiencing difficulties with software, hardware, and network connectivity.
  • Implemented improved assessment and analytical techniques for further achievement of identified departmental goals.
  • Drove enhanced performance figures for IT team and department to meet stated management expectations and relevant standards.

IT Support Technician Second Grade
May 2010 – September 2010


Company Name

  • Learned from IT professionals how to meet the support needs of a fast-paced technology company serving clients around the world.
  • Discovered innovative solutions to common and exceptional problems identified on help tickets assigned by team supervisor and/or departmental manager.
  • Communicated with company reps and vendors to identify computer products that would support and enhance departmental and company operations.
  • Assisted in implementation of new hardware and software solutions within company to improve workflow and customer service provision.
  • Provided support to users learning new technology assets to support existing operations and to make possible workflow expansion.

IT Support Technician, First Grade
February 2009 – July 2012


Company Name


  • Took help ticket jobs assigned by IT supervisor and recorded ticket results for reporting and record-keeping.
  • Worked closely with IT team members and supervisors to improve troubleshooting skills and situation analysis.
  • Assisted users with implementing new software and network infrastructure to ease transition to new technology assets and planned operations.
  • Supported senior technicians with complex tasks and time-sensitive achievements to meet client expectations and user needs on an identified schedule


Certifications from CompTIA Cisco, Oracle and Adobe
(2012- 2015)


Bachelor Degree; Computer Science
– 2009


Anystate University
Hobbies and Interests

Outside of work, I like jogging and mountain biking along nearby trails. I also participate in park restoration and cleanup efforts to make local recreational spaces more inviting for other community members. I frequently volunteer as a dog walker at the local animal shelter, too.

Questions for Your IT Support Technician CV

 How do you write the header of an IT support technician CV?

The header of a CV for an IT position should include a candidate’s full name along with accurate contact information. Provide at least your current city and state of residence or a complete physical or mailing address. You should also give employers at least two reliable methods of contacting you, such as an email address and personal cell phone number. The candidate on our IT support technician CV sample uses centered alignment, horizontal lines, and title text to create an attention-getting header.

 How do you write an objective statement for an IT support technician CV?

Most current CVs and resumes feature professional summaries rather than objective statements. If you are a new jobseeker or are returning to the workforce after a break, you might prefer an objective statement. You should notify employers of your intentions in seeking employment in an objective statement, whereas a summary statement allows you to draw attention to major qualifications near the top of your CV.

 What technical skills should you put on an IT support technician CV?

The technical skills you should list on your CV depend entirely on the type of IT position you are seeking. Take a closer look at a job advertisement for a support technician role if you are not sure which skills to prioritize. The candidate on our IT support technician CV sample points out her experience setting up and maintaining hardware, software, and networking devices and tools.

Make sure that you at least gesture toward the technical requirements of the role in your summary statement and use keywords from the description in your skills section. Depending on your work history, you can bring up technical skills that go beyond the requirements for a support technician job in entries for previous positions.

 Should you include references on an IT support technician CV?

There is no need to list references on a CV or resume. It is a good idea to contact your references ahead of time, however, and make sure that you have accurate contact information on file. If an employer requests references, you should be ready to provide contacts who are willing to vouch for your skills and professionalism and help you land the support technician job you want.

 What format should your IT support technician CV be in?

Check the advertisement for an IT support technician position to see if the poster makes any specifications with regard to format. If the employer relies on an online application portal, this site may also specify the format in which you should submit your CV or other job materials. Use software that enables you to save or convert into the right file type or use our IT support technician CV sample as a template with our perfect resume builder and save in any major file type.

IT Support Technician CV Must-Haves

What Does an IT Support Technician Do?

An IT support technician works very closely with other team members as well as populations of users in order to solve technical questions and concerns in a time-sensitive manner. Teams work together to delegate efforts to people best-suited to solve specific circumstances that arise and to provide training and support to new members of the department; this can be seen in the IT support technician CV example. Some IT departments encourage team members to pursue additional training, education, or certification to better be able to meet a changing spectrum of support needs.

Tips for Creating a Great IT Support Technician CV

Does your current CV need a little help? Use these tips for a quick fix of common problems:

  • List all technical certifications that you possess.
  • Identify specific achievements that you accomplished, particularly those that are related to the IT industry.
  • Specify departmental outcomes that you supported or championed.
  • Emphasize customer support skills and user support experience.
  • Mention if you have experience training users in new software or hardware, along with specific applications.
  • Include applicable internships and on-the-job learning experiences you have had.
  • Organize your CV into clean, orderly sections for easy reading.
  • Select a simple typeface without too much flair or flash.

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