The domestic employment industry is always looking for talented workers who can help to maintain homes and businesses of all types and sizes. To gain employment as a domestic worker, you must have a well-written CV that details your skills, experience, and education in the field as well as highlights your best personality traits. You can work toward creating your own professional CV by using this domestic worker CV example PDF as well as the included guidelines below to help you get started.


Debbie Jones

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Professional domestic worker with more than 10 years of experience in both residential and commercial settings. Detail-oriented with an excellent ability to manage time and keep schedules organized. Flexible individual who can implement changes at short notice. Friendly, personable, and always professional.

  • Qualified leader who can take initiative to ensure other domestic workers on the team fulfill their duties and are satisfied with their employment experience.
  • Proficient in computer systems and home management applications and software, including Google Calendar, Microsoft OneNote, and OurHome.
  • Excellent command of the English language with a strong ability to remember and follow directions after hearing them only once.
  • Flexible individual who understands that schedules and duties sometimes change unexpectedly and can quickly make the necessary adjustments to continue to fulfill them.
  • Physically strong enough to do heavy lifting and work on my feet for multiple hours per day as sometimes necessary for cleaning and organizational purposes.
  • Highly organized with an ability to maintain schedules, grocery lists, to-do lists, and other home management necessities with precise accuracy.
House Manager
October 2012 – Present



  • Maintain schedules of all adults and children in the household, ensuring that each party knows what they are doing, where to be, and what time to be there each day.
  • Perform basic household duties that include cleaning the home, cooking evening meals, running errands, and ensuring any guests are taken care of and happy with their stay.
  • Manage other household staff members to ensure their jobs are being done correctly as well as to provide a go-between if they have questions or concerns regarding their position.

November 2007 – October 2012



  • Performed daily cleaning tasks such as doing dishes, dusting, vacuuming, and straightening up small messes throughout the home.
  • Performed larger cleaning tasks on a regular schedule that included doing laundry, washing windows, organizing storage spaces, and waxing floors.
  • Located and hired lawncare workers to maintain the home’s exterior, ensured they performed their jobs to the homeowners’ specifications, and provided payment upon completion of the job.

December 2002 – November 2007




  • Ensured the safety of three small children at all times, including during bedtime, at home during the day, and while on outings.
  • Assisted the two school-age children with reading, writing, math, and science tutoring, ensuring all homework was completed and ready to be turned in.
  • Maintained schedules for extracurricular activities, transported the children to activities, and ensured they had the equipment necessary to participate.


Master of Education in Early Childhood Education


University of Delaware
Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education


University of Delaware
Hobbies and Interests

When I am not at work, I enjoy painting and sculpting, reading poetry, and graphic design. I play the piano and the saxophone and sometimes perform at local music venues. My partner and our three teenagers enjoy walking our dogs on the beach or spending long nights watching movies on Netflix.



Domestic Worker Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Domestic Worker Do?

A domestic worker is responsible for light to heavy duties in a household or business. Those who perform light duties may be expected to provide daily cleaning, cook evening meals, or pick up children from school. Those who perform heavier duties could be responsible for the scheduling, errands, tutoring, and management of other domestic employees for an entire home or office building. Regardless of which types of duties you want to do, your CV must show that you have the ability and experience to handle them. The domestic worker CV example will help you determine which information to include on your own.

Tips for Creating a Great Domestic Worker CV

Once you have used our CV maker to model your CV after the included example, ensure you meet these guidelines before submitting it to potential employers.

  •  Do use your professional summary to highlight your best skills, personality traits, and domestic experience. This information determines whether your potential employer will continue to read and call you in for an interview.
  •  Do not include irrelevant information such as your high school GPA, political or religious views, or jobs you had that did not correlate with the domestic work industry.
  •  Do use strong action words to begin each bullet point in your experience section so that employers can see what type of jobs you can and are willing to do.
  •  Do not use a non-professional email address. Ideally, you should create a free one that has your first and last name in it.
  •  Do proofread thoroughly to ensure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes that could make you appear unprofessional.

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