In order to show your competence and expertise in information technology training, you have to include a multitude of details into your CV. Technical expertise and experience, as well as effective communication skills, are both of utmost importance in the IT trainer position. Make your CV as dynamic and attention capturing as your training presentations. Get some guidance on how to format your own CV by looking at this IT trainer CV example and associated tips so you can craft a winning document.


Mark Walters

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Professional IT trainer with extensive experience in Microsoft’s range of software solutions. An expert at designing training courses with technical content, I am effective at imparting knowledge through my superior verbal communication skills and active listening style. I have proven success in utilizing cutting-edge technology to devise training exercises for all types of learners.

  •  Expert skill level in Microsoft Desktop applications, GUI, Visual Basic, Visual Studio, C#, and .Net.
  • Thorough course designer using critical thinking to construct content and format of training to fully teach technical subjects.
  • Experienced technical trainer both on site and from remote locations.
  • Strong interpersonal and group communication skills.
  • Excellent time management skills and ability to successfully meet training deadlines.
  • Successful in training both entry-level and technical skill sets for successful software implementation.
  • Creative facilitator for collaborative learning.
Work Experience
Senior IT Trainer-
2014 – Present



  • Prepare all training material for courses, including PowerPoint presentations, skill exploration and exercises, and assessments.
  • Train technical staff in developing in Visual Studio with the GUI editor tool and using Visual Basic and C# with the .Net framework.
  • Conduct training on site and via video conferencing.
  • Supervise the scheduling of training programs while remaining flexible to new training demands.
  • Gauge the effectiveness of training programs and adjust for optimal results.

IT Trainer –
2011 – 2014



  • Assessed the training needs of individuals as well as work teams.
  • Created lesson plans tailored to employee needs.
  • Implemented course progressions and programs for staff.
  • Trained staff on the use of Microsoft reporting system software with Microsoft SQL Server and associated reporting tools.
  • Taught Microsoft desktop courses to satellite locations using video conferencing.
  • Advanced personal IT Skills and updated training courses including new product functionality.

End User IT Trainer – 2009 – 2011




  • Delivered classroom based training on the Microsoft suite of products such as Microsoft Office, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint for entry-level technical staff.
  • Created classroom materials to facilitate skills training.
  • Developed practice exercises for experiential learners.
  • Gave feedback to class participants and provided individual coaching as needed.
  • Provided assistance to the support department with end-user refresher training.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science


Arizona State University
City, State
CTT+ Certification


Hobbies and Interests

For exercise, I enjoy off-road bicycling and swimming. I also volunteer weekly with the Arizona Food Bank Alliance, which serves 13 of Arizona’s 15 counties. In addition to helping stock shelves, I give talks to organizations about how the food bank works and why it is important to keep the food bank running.



IT Trainer Job Overview and Tips

What Does an IT Trainer Do?

An IT trainer creates, develops, and teaches training programs on information technology topics and skills. There is a multitude of subjects in the IT world, so most IT trainers specialize in a certain area of software, hardware, or operating systems. In addition to delivering technical information, trainers must also continually assess the effectiveness of the training and develop methods of training that are engaging and address a variety of learning styles. This may include integrating multi-media tools into course programming. A good IT trainer realizes that training courses are not static, but they need to be enhanced with the newest technical features of a software or operating system with each update. A robust IT trainer CV will show evidence of continual improvement of skills and training. Refer to the IT trainer CV example for content that indicates this evidence.

Tips for Creating a Great IT Trainer CV

To have a high-quality CV, you need to have your information presented clearly in an easy-to-read format. Here are some other tips to keep in mind when you write your CV using our CV maker:

  • Make sure to highlight your structured approach to training, including your administrative and management skills. Also, remember to show that you are flexible with fast-paced changes that happen in business and their resulting effect on training.
  • After checking your CV for spelling and grammar, have a couple of friends or family members read your CV and give you feedback.
  • An IT trainer must use critical thinking skills in the design and creation of training courses. Make sure to highlight this in the work experience or skills section.
  • Avoid potential controversial subjects such as politics or religion in the hobbies and interests section of your CV.

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