General Maintenance Technician Resume Sample


General Maintenance Technician Resume Sxample

Job Description & Responsibilities

A general maintenance technician resume should focus on all relevant skills related to the specific area of maintenance a candidate is considering. A qualified candidate will likely perform hands-on work while repairing, installing, and servicing various machines and devices.

A technician should have experience with basic tools and have a keen eye for identifying problems. Some technicians may work in a shop. However, many maintenance technicians work on-site at customers’ homes and businesses. Since job duties can be all over the map, it’s a good idea to have multiple general maintenance technician resumes specific to each desired position.

Education & Training

A maintenance technician usually has to use computer diagnostics and similar high-tech tools to accurately diagnose problems. A general maintenance technician should at least have a high school diploma or the equivalent. Some employers prefer a candidate who has completed a formal training program in a post-secondary institution. Industry certification is typically required for many positions.

While this can be obtained after being hired, many employers prefer an applicant who already has relevant certifications. Job-specific training is usually provided by the employer before a technician works with customers.

Salary & Job Prospects

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for most general maintenance technician careers ranges from 9 to 12 percent, about average for similar positions. The average salary for these jobs is approximately $35,000 annually or about $17-20 per hour.

Construct your general maintenance technician resume with MyPerfectResume’s Resume Builder. Individuals with solid training or previous experience tend to have the best prospects since many employers in this field tend to prefer someone who can be a productive member of their team almost immediately.

Please see the sample below of how to put together a cohesive, effective general maintenance technician resume. Find the right job with a customized general maintenance technician resume and accompanying cover letter with some help from MyPerfectResume.

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Toby Young

1 Main Street
New Cityland, CA 91010
Cell: (555) 322-7337


Knowledgeable General Maintenance technician successful at generating new business through referrals from satisfied customers. Equipped with the top quality customer service skills and proper certifications necessary to provide excellent auto repair services. Employs great communication skills to relay complex problems to customers.


Great people skills
Relates technical information easily
Vehicle assessments
Fluid level checks
Brake inspection

Familiar with engine mechanics
Tire balance and rotate
Reliable and knowledgeable


March 2012 to Current
CA Automotive New Cityland, CA
General Maintenance Technician

Maintain necessary level of supplies in the shop.
Interface with management and colleagues in a professional manner.
Update vehicle records by recording and filing all service and repairs.
Disassemble engines and repair or replace defective parts.
Manage front counter, including answering the phone and opening and closing the shop.
Specialize in repairing and maintaining automotive transmissions.

February 2007 to July 2012
Speedy Repair Shop New Cityland, CA
General Maintenance Technician

Tested vehicles and their components and systems.
Conducted routine and scheduled maintenance services such as oil changes, lubrications, and tune-ups.
Communicated effectively with customers on future problems and repairs that might need attention.
Reviewed work orders and discussed them with supervisors.
Inflated tires on a test machine and adjusted controls to simulate road conditions.
Removed dents, filled in cracks, and painted the car exteriors to restore appearance and condition.

August 2009 to February 2006
Prime Service Auto New Cityland, CA
General Maintenance Technician

Completed routine maintenance to prevent future breakdowns.
Upheld top-quality workmanship and excellent customer service.
Diagnosed computer and electrical failure with appropriate testing equipment.
Cleaned and removed grease on engines and engine compartments using specific chemicals.
Verified vehicle serviceability by conducting test drives and adjusting controls and systems.