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A hiring manager is going to sift through many CVs to determine who should be called in for an interview. Therefore, you need to make sure yours rises above the others in the pile. And you need to make yours stand out with relatively little space to utilize. To get a better sense of how to write a stellar CV, you need to peruse through the chief engineer CV example provided below. It offers information on what sections to include and how everything should be formatted.

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Melissa Morales

1256 Pico Boulevard, San Francisco, CA 11111

E: T: 555-456-7890

Professional Summary

Experienced chief engineer with 10 years of experience demonstrating analytical and technical skills in the automotive industry. Excelled at working within a team and delegating tasks appropriately to ensure deadlines were always met and never once fell short of goals. Expertise in building partnerships with suppliers to always improve product line. Able to get work done in a challenging environment and not allow stress to get the better of me.

  • Complex problem solving skills and ability to consult with professionals to reach a conclusion.
  • Systems analysis proficiency to predict an outcome before a product is actually sent to production.
  • Familiarity with a variety of software, including CNC Mastercam, Autodesk AutoCAD, Gamma Technologies GT-SUITE, and numerous others.
  • Negotiation skills to effectively convince individuals at any level of management to see my side of an issue.
  • Instructing capabilities to effectively teach people how to perform a certain task.
Work Experience
Chief Engineer
April 2012 – Present

  • Conduct design reviews of automobile parts to ensure they will operate as desired upon completion of manufacturing.
  • Provide direction to engineers to ensure everyone’s best talents are being utilized to fullest potential.
  • Improved fuel efficiency of a new type of battery that went into the marketplace in 2015 and was met commercially with great success.
  • Oversee research studies to see where the company can do better.

Engineering Manager
October 2009 – April 2012

  • Presented findings and reports to potential clients and eventually won over dozens of suppliers to hire the company.

  • Prepared budgets and worked tirelessly to get projects down to an appropriate budget size.

  • Evaluated environmental impact of certain technologies and improved sustainability of certain products to make them exceed EPA standards.

  • Enforced rules to ensure staff was always on task and was performing all tasks safely.

Technical Specialist
November 2006 – October 2009

  • Conducted testing of new products to ensure they performed desired functions.
  • Prepared status reports and gave presentations to management about where certain products could be improved.
  • Weighed pros and cons of using certain materials in the production of an item, including plastic, magnesium alloy, and aluminum, to determine which one would be best.

Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering

San Francisco State University
San Francisco CA

Hobbies and Interests

I volunteer at several charities around the San Francisco area. One of my proudest achievements is organizing a half-marathon that raised money for AIDS research. Last year, we raised more than $50,000 that was donated to an AIDS research lab.

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Chief Engineer CV Must-Haves

What Does a Chief Engineer Do?

A hiring manager reading your CV wants to be 100 percent confident that you will be able to perform the essential duties of a chief engineer. You should absolutely mention some of the basic tasks associated with this position. Those tasks include conducting system-level testing, developing specifications for new products, establishing quality control standards, and creating proposals for clients. You will also be expected to develop algorithms and tests to determine if a product exceeds expectations and surpasses any regulations. You need to be a leader within your staff and determine where certain people get placed on a project’s staff. You should also be constantly looking for ways to improve a current line of products to make it even better. Include any tasks you have experience in and format them in a manner similar to the chief engineer CV example provided above.

Tips for Creating a Great Chief Engineer CV

After you have written a first draft of your CV, read through it again to make sure it abides by all these rules:

– Include both your home and mobile phone number. If you do not have a home phone number, only include your mobile. Do not write the same number twice.
– Make sure you mention specific types of software you are familiar with.
– Highlight education in a related field. However, there is no need to include a GPA if you graduated years ago.
– Mention leadership skills or experience leading a team, because as a chief engineer you will be responsible for being a leader at the company.
– Under work experience section, get into specifics. Talk about exactly what you did instead of being vague. Otherwise, your CV is not going to be memorable.
– If you recently graduated from college, you should feel free to mention any internships or relevant classes you just took.