Drilling Supervisor CV Example


If you’re searching for a job in a skilled trade, you’ll need to have a specific set of skills to prove your value to an employer. Jobs in construction, drilling, or another technical field may have certain requirements that only a strong CV can demonstrate to a hiring manager. Some candidates have plenty of skills and talent, but they are unable to write a convincing CV to show this. Take control of your career and use this drilling supervisor CV example displayed in the space below to demonstrate why you should be hired.

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Paul Gibbs

275 Ashton Lane, Austin, TX 11111

E: paulgibbs@anymail.com T: 555-643-3575

Professional Summary

Gifted and highly knowledgeable drilling supervisor with 17 years of experience in the field. Extensive background knowledge of drilling operations, procedures, and parts. Top leadership ability with excellent methods of keeping the crew motivated and productive. Proven history of success when leading a team on a project, resulting in a quicker timeline and high-quality drilling. Reliable record of attendance and strong work ethic that drives each day on the job.

  • -Experience with many types of drilling equipment, such as oil well blowout preventers, spools, flanges, oil rig crown blocks, flowmeters, and mixers. -Determination to complete a job the right way and to get the best results possible when drilling or working on a rig. -Top management skills, giving me ways to help push my team members to the limit and make them want to succeed as much as possible. -Demonstrated history of exemplary attendance at each job I’ve held and willingness to work overtime or on weekends when needed. -Ability to cooperate with team members effectively and complete projects together to meet tight deadlines and small budget constraints.
Work Experience
Drilling Supervisor
February 2014 – present

  • Demonstrate proper technique and procedure for drilling to a team of 14 other employees to show most effective methods of completing each task.
  • Oversee drilling operations and make adjustments to the specific type of tools or drill bits needed for different tasks.
  • Maintain a clean workspace and machinery parts by practicing recommended post-drilling steps and ensuring employees follow suit.

Drilling Supervisor
June 2008 – February 2014

  • Assigned drill rigging crews to specific tasks and regions depending on the needs of the project, the equipment required, and the skills of the workers.

  • Operated slush pumps, brake pedals, and other aspects of drilling machinery to ensure best results for each project.

  • Recognized as a top drilling team each year in the Austin region with 25 percent improvement in production of oil drilling.

Drilling Worker
March 2000 – June 2008

  • Optimized drilling equipment by replacing parts when worn or broken and monitoring progress during each task.
  • Connected drill bits, drill parts, and other components to fuel lines and tanks to ensure a smooth drilling operation into the ground.
  • Followed all safety requirements, federal, and local regulations to achieve more than three years of continuous work without an accident.

Drill Rigger Certification

National Center for Construction Education and Research

Hobbies and Interests

I really enjoy recreational vehicles on my time off, and my vehicle of choice is a four wheeler. I like to explore the wild areas of Texas on my four wheeler and drive along rugged roads outside of the city. A few years ago, my brothers and I created a four wheeler and dirt bike park for the community. This allows young people in our area to have a place to use for safe recreational vehicle driving.

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Drilling Supervisor CV Must-Haves

What Does a Drilling Supervisor Do?

A drilling supervisor has a leadership position within a team of drillers. Most drilling supervisors work in the oil and gas industry and focus on projects related to resource management or exploration. Each day, drilling supervisors oversee their team of workers in drilling operations. As noted in the drilling supervisor CV example, these supervisors help ensure the team is conducting safe and effective drilling. They may spend time demonstrating the proper methods of drilling, and they may also have to join the team in drilling at times. Drilling supervisors may also need to help keep the equipment clean and well maintained by inspecting equipment after each shift.

Tips for Creating a Great Drilling Supervisor CV

If you want to make your CV push your job application file straight to the top, you must get yourself noticed. Here are some methods to help you do this:

– Make your CV appear professional by avoiding the use of heavy graphics, colored paper, or unusual fonts.
– Sell yourself and your attributes in the first few lines of your CV when you write your professional summary.
Outline your history in the gas and oil industry as a drilling worker and a drilling supervisor to show how much experience you have.
– Give an overview of what kind of drilling equipment you’re comfortable working with in your skills section.
Include a section summarizing your hobbies and interests to show more of your personality to a future employer.