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Acquiring a good job in information management requires a strong CV that demonstrates your ability to adapt to new and evolving technologies suitable for a variety of workplace conditions. Our clear, simple guidelines make it easy to create an engaging CV that shows off your skills. Read through the included information management CV example below to understand the important parts of a CV and how to organize and format your own information. The example and tips provided below are all you need to write a CV personalized with your own unique skills, education, and experience.
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Elizabeth Johanson

123 Magnolia Street, Baton Rouge, LA 11111

E: ejohanson@anymail P: 555-555-1010

Professional Summary

Dynamic and strategic thinker, adept at developing and implementing cutting-edge information technology solutions for a wide variety of business functions, including project management, resource distribution, and process development. Adept at troubleshooting information systems and providing quality assurance and IT support. Strong leader with exceptional communication and team-building skills with experience training and managing a team of IT professionals in a large office setting. Committed to implementing the newest and best technological initiatives to help new and existing businesses become the best they can be.

    -Effective leader, skilled at sharing my knowledge of information systems with others and supervising the work of IT professionals. -Innovative designer of information management systems and subsystems. -Knowledgeable about the differing information management needs of large and small businesses. -Familiar with innovations in information security systems and skilled in updating security protocols. -Capable problem solver, skilled in IT support and troubleshooting all types of computer and information programs. -Extremely detail oriented and committed to quality in all aspects of information management.
Work Experience
Lead Information Manager
October 2012 – present

  • Lead team of 10 IT professionals providing technological support for several hundred employees.
  • Keep up to date on new and innovative technology solutions and analyze them for potential implementation.
  • Designed and continually update company-wide information management system for maximum efficiency.
  • Manage the development, design, storage, and dissemination of all electronic manuals and publications.
  • Responsible for training and orientation of new IT hires.

Information Security Officer
January 2008 – September 2012

  • Designed and implemented office-wide information security system, reducing security incidents by 15 percent.

  • Wrote information security protocols and instructed employees on how to adhere to those standards.

  • Updated document storage and recovery systems to reduce information loss.

Information Manager
July 2007 – June 2010

  • Managed document and record storage.
  • Integrated older paper files into online document management system.
  • Updated company manuals to reflect changes in information management standards and practices.
  • Implemented new information management system and trained employees in its use.

Information Security Certification
June 2007

Louisiana State University
B.A. in Computer Science
June 2006

Louisiana State University
Hobbies and Interests

Computers are my first love, and my second love is music. When not using my computing knowledge to solve problems for businesses, I write open source programs for composing and mixing music. I also play keyboard in a band that performs regularly in small venues around the city. In addition to music, I love getting away from it all by taking camping trips with my husband and daughter. We enjoy leaving the city and technology behind for a while to hike, ride horses, and just spend time outside in nature.

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Information Management CV Must-Haves

What Does Information Management Do?

Information managers can go by a variety of titles, including information officer or technology officer, and work can include a variety of activities from managing a business’ entire IT system to controlling specific aspects, such as security or database management. Information managers are often called upon to create entire information management systems, but they also work to problem solve and implement improvements in existing systems. Because an information manager can have such a wide range of experience and knowledge, a strong and detailed CV is extremely important for highlighting your individual set of talents and skills. Review these CV tips and the included information management CV example for ideas of how and where to include your training, accomplishments, and work experience.

Tips for Creating a Great Information Management CV

When writing your information management CV, keep these tips in mind:

– Use your Personal Summary to grab the hiring manager’s attention with your most important skills and experience, tailoring the included details toward the position you hope to gain.
– Highlight any leadership experience to demonstrate your ability to work with a team and communicate effectively.
– When describing your work experience, use active verbs to detail your duties and accomplishments, such as develop, innovate, integrate, design, support, etc.
– Base the formatting and organization of your CV on the included example, but tailor each section to draw attention to your specialized skills and achievements.
– Don’t assume your job title will tell recruiters what kinds of responsibilities you had. Use the Work Experience section to list them out, with the most important first, so hiring managers understand your unique qualifications.
– Show your willingness to learn. Be sure to include any specialized training or certifications you’ve earned in specific areas of information management.


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