Security Supervisor Resume Sample


Security Supervisor Resume Sample

Security Supervisor Resume

A security supervisor resume needs to show that you take your responsibilities seriously. The ideal security supervisor resume lets employers know that you’re both organized and responsible. Ultimately, your security supervisor resume shows that you have what it takes to keep people and property safe.

Job Description & Responsibilities

A security supervisor resume is a managerial resume as well as a security resume. Some of the primary responsibilities on a security supervisor resume include creating schedules, monitoring security staff performance, and utilizing current staff to meet security needs. A good security supervisor resume shows a professional who can wear many hats. When you put together your security supervisor resume, remember to include your ability to train employees and maintain superior performance levels. A security supervisor resume should also include listings on your ability to identify security needs and make suggestions for staff changes to your clients and your executive team. There is a great deal of responsibility that goes with a security supervisor resume.

Education & Training

The proper educational foundation for a good security supervisor resume is a high school diploma or equivalent. To get into the position of having a security supervisor resume, it would help to enhance your educational background with a two-year college degree in a legal field. While you may not be asked to quote laws, your position as a security supervisor would require you to know the law at all times. Within the security business, your security supervisor resume should list training seminars and classes specific to the industry. A good security supervisor resume includes training sessions on management, weapons, and advanced technology in the security field. The more offsite training you can add to your security supervisor resume, the better your resume will look to hiring managers.

Pay Range & Security Supervisor Resume Samples

The pay range for a security supervisor can run from $32,000 per year up to $55,000 per year. If you take on private clients, then that range increases. Our security supervisor resume samples will show you how to create the ideal security supervisor resume for your background. We’ll help you get the job you want by creating the resume you need.

Security Supervisor Resume Questions

1. What format should your security supervisor resume be in?

Look at our security supervisor resume sample as you format your document. The way the jobseeker arranges each important section makes the resume eye-catching, interesting, and easy to read. List your professional summary first, then list your qualifications, work experience, and education sections.

As you can see, our sample resume uses no colors, graphics, or pictures. For your industry, it is usually best to use a conservative format. Ensure your document contains plenty of white space and bullet points to make it easier to review. Bold headers and page lines are attractive formatting tools to use as well.

2. How do you write a security supervisor resume?

First, analyze the company and role to which you are applying. What are some key job descriptions? What skills does the hiring manager value? Keep these questions in mind as you begin to craft your resume.

Next, review your career and qualifications. What are your greatest professional strengths? Do you have exceptional skills in managing staff, investigating, scheduling, and responding to crises? Do you have a record of reducing crime and improving security methods throughout your career? As you remember these details, include them in your resume. For step-by-step assistance, our resume builder can guide you until you have a remarkable personalized document.

3. How do you write the experience section of your security supervisor resume?

If you look at our security supervisor resume sample, you will see that the jobseeker uses clear sub headers to provide basic information about each previous job, such as the position’s title and the dates of employment. Do the same in your own resume. Then, use bullet points to list at least three descriptions of roles, duties, accomplishments, and ways you contributed to previous employers’ success. Use a different action verb, such as “manage†or “monitor,” to begin each description.

4. How long should a security supervisor resume be?

In the past, the general rule was to keep resumes to one page. That is no longer a strict requirement in every industry. Do you possess more than a decade of relevant work history? If you do, it is appropriate to use two pages. If you have fewer than 10 years of experience, however, it is best to use a single page for your document. Before you submit your resume to prospective employers, remember to check the job listing for any instructions regarding resume length.

5. How many skills should you put on a security supervisor resume?

As a security supervisor, you have many skills. Skills such as security policy development reflect your knowledge of security measures, while proficiencies in staff management and training point to your abilities as a supervisor. Don’t forget your soft skills, either. Quick thinking and problem solving are vital to these roles. With so many to possibly list, how many skills should you include to prevent your qualifications section from taking up the entire length of your resume?

Include about 10 skills in your qualifications section. Consider breaking up your list by using two columns, as our security supervisor resume sample exemplifies. Use your work experience section to demonstrate these skills–plus additional proficiencies that did not make it into your core qualifications section–in action.

Go the extra mile and pair your standout resume with an equally strong Security Supervisor cover letter. Our cover letter samples offer you easy-to-follow formats.

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Resume Text

Audrey Rowe

1 Main Street
New Cityland, CA 91010
Cell: (555) 322-7337


Dedicated security professional with more than 10 years’ experience managing security teams in retail and corporate environments. Personable leader who comfortably interacts with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Resourceful and creative problem solver with expertise in building and personnel security.


Skilled in conflict resolution
Team motivation and development
Natural leader
Investigative procedures
Operational effectiveness

Staffing and scheduling
Regulatory compliance
CPR and First-Aid training
PERC Card/Guard Card
Certified Security Supervisor


October 2009 to Current
Red Pointe Office Park New Cityland, CA
Security Supervisor

Manage staff schedules for all shifts and events to minimize overtime costs.
Communicate and enforce compliance with state and local laws while emphasizing company standards of professionalism and safety.
Developed procedures for the emergency response and crisis management, physical security, information protection, incident management, and investigation units.
Counseled management on how to cut spending without compromising the safety and security of the company’s assets.
Updated training procedures for all newly hired personnel.

May 2006 to September 2009
Singularity BioTech New Cityland, CA
Security Supervisor

Designed security policies, alarm response protocols, and access card guidelines.
Implemented video surveillance, motion detection, and closed-circuit television systems to aid in monitoring the premises.
Monitored entire facility using CCTV while simultaneously performing dispatch duties.
Issued criminal trespass warnings to possible suspects and assisted police in apprehending and processing violators.
Hired, trained, and managed a staff of 25 associates.

January 2004 to March 2006
Top Togs Clothing New Cityland, CA
Security Officer

Conducted investigations regarding suspected incidents of external fraud, employee theft, and embezzlement.
Patrolled facility and served as general security presence and visible deterrent to crime and rule infractions.
Reported all incidents, accidents, and medical emergencies to law enforcement.
Continuously monitored security cameras and fire, building, and alarm systems.