Resume Templates: Commercial Manager


Commercial managers are highly experienced members of a construction team with training in finance and business as well as an understanding of the on-the-ground realities of construction projects. Ensuring that your resume clearly reflects your experience and accomplishments in both of these arenas is key to landing the job you want.

As a commercial manager, your job may involve both overseeing existing projects and winning new business, so your resume summary must communicate your ability to do both of these things. If you have extensive contacts in the region, you should mention that in the summary as well since your network of connections will be of value to your future employer. Finally, use the highlights section to list any licenses or certifications that you hold and any special skills like expertise in state labor laws.

Use our commercial resume sample as a guide as you craft your own knockout resume.

Resume Templates: Commercial Manager

Commercial Manager Resume Questions

1. What can you do to make your commercial manager resume stand out?

Standing out from the crowd is the best thing your resume can do. If it blends in, there is no reason hiring managers should remember you when making their decision. Luckily, one of the best ways to stand out is simply to follow the example of our commercial manager resume sample. This ensures that your resume follows the correct format, uses appropriate language, organizes your qualifications effectively, and guides the reader along quickly. Achieving these simple feats already puts your resume far beyond the majority of competing resumes.

2. How do you describe computer skills on your commercial manager resume?

The second section of your resume should be the qualifications section. This section lists your skills and abilities in a short bullet list. You can see what this section should look like on our commercial manager resume sample.

Computer skills are important to the commercial manager position, so be sure to mention them in one or two of the qualifications section bullet points. Additionally, you can establish this quality in more creative ways throughout the document. Consider describing a situation where you needed strong computer skills in the experience section. You can also mention it in your summary statement.

3. How do you write the experience section of your commercial manager resume?

The experience section is the most important part of your resume. In addition to being the longest and densest section, the format must be correct. Using our resume builder tool is a great way to ensure you have perfect structure in this section.

Write your previous positions beginning with the most recent and going backwards. Write in past tense, except for under your current job where you should use present tense. You should describe your daily responsibilities across five to eight bullet points. If you want to really emphasize a particular position, feel free to use more bullet points. Finally, make sure every bullet has a strong action verb as the first word to catch readers’ attention.

4. How do you optimize your commercial manager resume for an ATS?

Many employers use an ATS, which stands for applicant tracking system. This tool filters out candidates whose resumes fail to meet expectations, which means a human reviewing your resume is not a guarantee. However, if you focus on making every word in your resume intentional and consider the language you use at all times, you can be confident that it will make it past the ATS. Again, one of the best ways to make sure of this is to follow the example of our commercial manager resume sample.

5. How long should a commercial manager resume be?

When writing your resume, another aspect you need to manage carefully is the document’s length. It hurts your chances if it is too long or too short. We recommend aiming for one full page for every 10 years you capture on the resume. This strikes a good balance between communicating a lot but still inviting employers to read the entire document.

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Resume Text

Scott Parker

100 Broadway Lane

New Parkland, CA, 91010

Cell: (555) 987-1234


Thorough Commercial Manager who works hard to establish effective business policies and business relationships. Adept at vendor negotiations, working with subcontractors to develop lucrative relationships and developing nationwide work policies. Specializes in small industrial and residential construction projects.


  • Exceptionally strong negotiation skills

  • Excellent at being well-versed in all company business procedures

  • Works very well as part of a good team

  • Believes in getting results with each project

  • Well-versed in local, state and national labor laws

  • Maintains strong relationships with critical government agencies

Work Experience

January 2010 to February 2015 Scottish Construction – New Parkland, CA Commercial Manager

  • Acted as the business liaison between the company and any government agency in charge of a project.

  • Worked closely with project managers to develop good relationships with labor unions and skilled worker groups.

  • Assisted in developing policies that allowed the company to do work in other countries.

June 2004 to January 2010 YUT Construction – New Parkland, CA Commercial Manager

  • Developed and maintained a large network of vendors located throughout the country that helped to keep costs down.

  • Collaborated with executive team to develop business procedures and policies that streamlined each project.

  • Created reporting spreadsheets that would calculate average profit on each project and were submitted to management each week.

June 1995 to June 2004 Aspen Construction – New Parkland, CA Commercial Manager

  • Negotiated several successful contracts with local labor unions.

  • Held a quarterly business process seminar for all field managers.



1995 Task Community College, New Parkland, CA Associate's Degree, Construction Management