Journeymen Masons Bricklayers Resume Example

Nilda Melissa Diaz, CPRW
By Nilda Melissa Diaz, CPRW, Career Advice Expert Last Updated: August 25, 2022
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Looking for a new job can be overwhelming, but if you lay the foundation with a well-written resume, you can get the journeyman mason bricklayer position you want. Consider your resume your first marketing tool to get the employer’s attention and show that you’re the best candidate for the job. This is the time to call out your skills and most noteworthy accomplishments as a bricklayer. Take note: A mason bricklayer resume should include your range of experience, from residential to commercial and industrial. Mention the professional organizations you’ve joined, your ability to work with a team, your strong work ethic, and your dedication to safety. Organize all of this information in bulleted points so the employers won’t have to hunt for it on the resume. Take a look at our journeymen mason bricklayers resume templates and use them to guide you through the process of writing your own.

journeymen masons bricklayers resume example


Journeymen Masons Bricklayers Resume Questions

1. How do you write a journeyman mason/bricklayer’s resume?

If you have never written a resume or it has been a long time, you may not be sure how to begin writing this professional document. To get started, it is a good idea to reference a sample resume for a journeyman mason or bricklayer position. Most resumes include the same major sections, opening with a header followed by a summary or resume objective and lists of skills, work history, and education or training. See our journeyman mason/bricklayer’s resume sample to see how to structure a professional document and get a job in this trade.

2. What does a good journeyman mason/bricklayer’s resume look like?

The jobseeker on our resume sample uses alignment, bold text, bullet points, titles, and subtitles to create an eye-catching document that is easy to skim. A good journeyman resume relies on these and other formatting elements to present all of the information an employer needs to know. You can quickly create a professional-looking resume for a journeyman mason or bricklayer position using our customized resume builder.

3. How many skills should you put on a journeyman mason/bricklayer’s resume?

The candidate on our journeyman mason/bricklayer’s resume sample lists a total of 10 skills, divided into two columns so that these items take up less vertical space on his resume. It is a good idea to respond to the requirements for the specific position you are applying for in your skills section and to point out your specializations and soft skills, such as personality traits and work ethic. You should list at least five skills to give employers a sense of your qualifications.

4. How do you optimize your journeyman mason/bricklayer’s resume for an ATS?

Employers rely on applicant tracking systems to reduce the number of resumes that hiring managers or recruiters must sort through to find qualified candidates. To set up this software, the employer identifies keywords for an available position, which usually appear in the job description. An ATS then scans resumes and other job application materials for these keywords. Use significant language from a job advertisement naturally in your resume to improve your chances of passing an ATS check.

5. How long should a journeyman mason/bricklayer’s resume be?

Hiring managers spend as little as six seconds considering a resume before deciding whether a candidate is a good fit for a position. You should strive to communicate all of the information an employer needs to know as concisely as you can. If your resume is much longer than one page, try to tailor each section to the journeyman position for which you are applying. Our journeyman mason/bricklayer’s resume sample includes information about the candidate’s many years of experience and skills, work history, and education. A combination of formatting and precise writing makes it possible for this resume to fit on a single page.

  Even the most perfect resume can benefit from the context a winning cover letter can add. So find out how to your own great Journeymen Masons Bricklayers cover letter today by using our examples and writing advice as a reference. Show Resume Text

Resume Text

Rosario Coleman 123 Fake Street City, State, Zip Code Cell: 000-000-0000 E-Mail: Summary Bilingual Spanish/English Journeyman Bricklayer with 6+ years experience. Proficient and detail-oriented, with a strong work ethic and proven ability to work in teams. Solid experience from small residential to large commercial projects. Highlights New construction Demolition and repair Waterproofing Team leadership Physically fit Brick and stone work Mortar preparation Quality control OSHA regulatory compliance Excellent plan comprehension Experience September 2008 to Current Company Name City, State Journeyman Bricklayer Accurately read blueprints and job specifications to plan and complete each job. Prepare job sites for daily work by removing debris and setting up materials and tools. Complete simple and complex brick and stone work for interior and exterior foundations and walls. Demolish and/or repair existing brick structures. Install support materials including flashing, fireproofing, and sealants. Design structures with expansion and control joints. Make all structures and walls and straight and accurate. Include decorative or patterned designs in some projects. May 2004 to August 2008 Company Name City, State Apprentice Bricklayer and Mason Unloaded tools and equipment at jobsite. Arranged block, brick, and grouting materials at work locations by type and according to need. Utilized machinery and hand tools to mix concrete and grout. Maintained tools in good working order. Followed all company and safety regulations. Studied applicable codes and completed all mason and brick work according to specifications. Education 2002 South California University City, State Bachelor of Science Wildlife Management Honor’s Scholarship Maria Murchison Academic Achievement Award 3.75 GPA Affiliations Member, International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers, 2004-Present