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What It’s like to Work in the Nanny Field

A nanny typically works a full 40 hour week, and either serves as a live-in or live-out nanny. A nanny is a home specialist hired by a family to care for a child or multiple children. In short, their primary role is as a caregiver for the child. Since children have a range of needs, nannies must be quite flexible. A day can involve a range of tasks, such as potty training, teaching words for colors, grocery shopping, cooking meals, driving the child to the park, cleaning the home, washing clothes, and more.
Since they work with children, nannies must be nurturing, kind, and compassionate. In addition to keeping the child safe, clean, and fed, it’s also expected that a nanny ensures the child has a stimulating environment that fosters emotional and mental development. To further guarantee a child’s safety, most families prefer to hire a nanny with first-aid certification, including child and infant CPR certification.

Benefits of Working in the Nanny Field

Most nannies are paid hourly or weekly, and some have a salary. Live-out nannies can expect to make more per hour, as the cost of room and board is not included. Live-in nannies get the added benefit of free housing. On average, a nanny’s salary ranges anywhere from $8 to $20 per hour, and this is because the market, the family, and the nanny’s experience all differ in each case. Overall, though, being a nanny can provide stable income. Also, full time nannies can expect partial or full benefits, such as health insurance, paid time off, and sick days.
In addition to financial compensation, a nanny also gets the chance to be a positive influence in the lives of children and helps ensure they are safe and happy. Many nannies cite this as the main benefit of working in the field.

Why You Need a Cover Letter

Many nannies simply find work themselves through friends and family or via the internet. Others use agencies. Regardless of how one finds a job with a family, having a well-written nanny cover letter gives candidates a better opportunity to find a job. A resume shows one’s experience and qualities in the personal care industry, but an excellent nanny cover letter can display one’s personal traits and characteristics. Those looking for a place to start can use MyPerfectResume to write a nanny cover letter that attracts parents.


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