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Featured Resume Example: Nanny

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Address: City, State, Zip Code
Phone: 000-000-0000
E-Mail: email@email.com


Communicative Nanny and childcare professional seeking new opportunity. Ensures growth, happiness and safety of children while remaining in open communication with parents. Juggles multiple complex schedules and nutritional guidelines while remaining an observant and entertaining presence.

Work History

Care.Com Inc. – Nanny
Company Name, City, State, VT 07/2018 – Current
  • Schedule all pre- and post-school activities while allowing for free time and creativity.
  • Coordinate with other children’s parents for carpools, extra-curricular events, other after-school and weekend activities.
  • Assure kids complete and understand homework and other assignments.
The Carter Family – Family Babysitter
Company Name, City, State, VT 10/2015 – 01/2018
  • Performed two-to-four after-school pickups per week.
  • Prepared dinner two-to-four times per week, and made lunches for the following day when requested.
  • Put kids to bed, participated in nightly reading time if parents weren’t home yet.
Mondelez International High School – Student Aide
Company Name, City, State, VT 09/2013 – 05/2015
  • Distriobuted learning materials such as worksheets, textbooks and supplemental activities.
  • Organized classroom materials to help teachers prepare for daily instruction and activities.


  • Home school programs familiarity
  • Infant, toddler and preschool curricula
  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Schedule creation and maintenance/li>
  • Housekeeping
  • Caring child mentor
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Excellent driving record


College of Fine Arts Montpelier, VT, City, State
Some College (No Degree) :

Top 4 Characteristics of a Best-in-Class Nanny Resume

  1. Summary The success of nannies largely depends on their knowledge and personal attributes, so focus your summary statement on your skills and experiences, as well as any childcare training courses you have undertaken. Give an example of how your first- aid skills or your household abilities helped families in times of need.
  2. Skills Feature relevant skills such such as cooking, organizational abilities, meal planning, laundering, communication, child development, child safety and experience with handling emergencies. Also list personal traits such as patience, trustworthiness, reliability, a nurturing spirit and the ability to enforce discipline.
  3. Work history Instead of laundry-listing tasks from previous jobs, draw attention to situations where your skills and experience made a big difference (e.g., “Successfully helped mentor three grade-school children to straight A’s in all their classes”). Describing your success helps support your qualifications.
  4. Education List courses like CPR and First Aid, water-safety certification, or an early childhood education or professional nanny certification in this section, along with any diplomas or degrees you’ve received.

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Find the Right Template for your Resume

Make sure your resume looks as polished and organized as your nanny skills by using these employer-ready templates.


As the name suggests, the design for this resume is very streamlined and contemporary, with color accents providing freshness.


The colored fonts for each section heading makes for easy navigation, while giving each section a distinct look.


This design uses subtle borders between each section, and also features a bold header presentation for the job applicant name and contact details.

You can browse through many more free designs at our resume templates page.

Do’s and Don’ts for Your Resume

  • Feature both soft and technical skillsIn addition to intangible skills like communication, adaptability, patience, trustworthiness and ability to relate to children, also mention learned skills such as cooking and nutrition knowledge, the ability to handle emergency situations, certification in CPR and First Aid, and specific household skills (such as ability to operate certain equipment). Create separate subcategories for “Soft Skills” and “Practical Skills” to accommodate these qualifications.
  • Use keywords wisely Read the job description thoroughly and jot down skills that spell out what the employer needs (e.g.”general household management tasks”). Then list skills and work experiences that address needs in your resume (e.g., writing “Managed household tasks for family of 6” in your work history section). Some popular keywords employers look for in a nanny include daycare management, certification in first aid and CPR, cooking, laundering, a valid driver’s license, patience and child-friendly. Make sure that you can back up the keywords you use in your resume — don’t just copy them from the job description.
  • Be honest when constructing your resume Mention details of previous employers, tenure, and duties truthfully — for families looking to welcome a trustworthy person into their circle, fibbing or exaggerating is a major no-no. If you have gaps in your employment history, for example, be honest about them, and be ready to discuss them directly.
  • Don’t include confidential information In describing past experiences, be sensitive about information that previous employers and families may not want to be made public. Your new employer will want to hire someone who has a sense of discretion. Also be careful with your own personal contact information — usually all that’s required on a resume is your name and a professional email address.
  • Avoid the negative Giving creative and positive vibes is part of a nanny’s job — be sure to carry that over to your resume. Instead of writing “Handled problematic behaviors” for example, put a more affirmative spin on your phrasing, and write, “Encouraged and mentored children to exhibit positive behavior.”
  • Avoid creating an overlong resume Ideally, a resume should be one page, unless you’re applying for a job that requires a long work history, in which case you should shoot for two pages. Instead of listing out each and every minute detail in your resume, focus on skills and achievements that speak directly to what the job requires. For example, if “coordinating playtime activities” is listed as a requirement, include some experiences in this area in your resume.

Nanny Resume FAQs

1. What are the skills you should emphasize for this specific job?

Compared to other childcare providers, a nanny has a more involved relationship with the family, taking care of children even when parents are at home. To reinforce this positive emotional connection, nannies should possess skills like dependability, reliability, trustworthiness, immense patience, flexibility, a sense of responsibility, creativity, and developing a rapport with children. Having a valid driver’s license is also helpful in case of emergency situations.

2. What are some examples of training and certifications that fit this specific resume?

Though nannies usually do not need formal training, some of the below-mentioned certifications can prove useful:

  • CPR and First Aid certification — if you plan to care for very young children, train up on infant CPR too
  • Water safety certification
  • Nanny basic skills assessment which results in certification
  • Driver’s license
  • Coursework and certification in infant care
  • Professional nanny certification
  • Fitness education
  • Cooking and nutrition courses
  • Early childhood education
  • Foreign language courses
  • Programs and workshops that organize special needs care programs for childcare providers
  • Positive discipline training

3. How should you format your resume?

Your format depends on how much experience you have in what the job requires. If you have some experience, opt for a combination format, which is structured around featuring skills and work history that are most relevant to the job opening. If you’re a first-time job seeker or recent graduate, a functional format lets you highlight your relevant skills.

4. How should you craft your resume if you’re looking to take the next step forward in your career?

Keep track of specific accomplishments you’ve had as a nanny, especially situations where you demonstrated a wide range of child management abilities, and add them to your resume. Also look to add more training and certifications, such as cooking, child psychology, and other useful areas, to your skills and education sections.