Experienced Construction Laborer Cover Letter Example + Tips

In a competitive job market, it is important to take steps to set yourself apart. While it certainly helps to get your resume on a recruiter’s desk, a well-written cover letter can really grab the attention of recruiters and help you get in the interview door. This free construction cover letter sample will help inspire your letter.

Dear Mr. Callaghan,

I have over 15 years of experience as a construction laborer, and I am certified on the equipment required for your job listing. I have worked on dozens of commercial and residential job sites, operating earth moving equipment as well as standard construction tools. I feel that my combination of industry skills and experience more than qualify me for your company’s construction opening.

As an employee of United Construction, I worked as part of a team contracted to build residential homes and small office buildings. I operated backhoes and other earth moving equipment to prepare the ground for construction, and I participated in the construction of the foundation. I also served on frame assembly and roofing teams over the course of my career.

After working as a laborer for several years, I began to work more closely with construction foremen, helping to communicate instructions to other team members and lead several teams onsite. I was often responsible for making design adjustments onsite to accommodate unforeseen circumstances. I am in good physical condition, and I am capable of working long hours in the field.

My varied experiences as a construction worker have given me a complete and flexible skill set as well as the confidence that I can work efficiently and effectively as a member of your construction team. I look forward to discussing this opportunity with you soon during an interview. Thank you for reviewing my application.

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What to Include in a Construction Cover Letter

The main purpose of a cover letter is to summarize your qualifications in a personalized way and tell the recruiter that you understand what it takes to contribute to the company. Rather than reiterating what is already on your resume, try to tell a brief story that illustrates how your experience qualifies you for the job, as exemplified in the free construction cover letter sample above. Be detailed, but be sure that your letter does not exceed one page.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

The free construction cover letter sample above shows you how to highlight your skills in a way that goes beyond simply shaping your cover letter to match the job description. Here are some examples of good construction industry skills to keep in mind:

● Math skills: Construction workers sometimes need basic math skills to perform simple calculations on the job site.
● Mechanical skills: Construction workers frequently operate mechanical equipment in the performance of their duties.
● Physical strength: The nature of construction work requires the physical strength to operate necessary equipment and to move or carry supplies.
● Physical stamina: The physical work involved in construction requires workers to endure throughout the workday, making physical stamina essential in order to maintain an efficient workflow.


Cover Letter Examples by Industry

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