With the rapid rise of the online marketplace has come the need for employers to have professionals on their teams who know how to leverage business applications to benefit their companies. One such application is the Salesforce software suite. Yet understanding the customer relationship management concepts that support this software may not be enough to draw the attention of hiring managers.

A well-written curriculum vitae can showcase the experience you’ve had in using this software platform. Included here is a Salesforce developer CV example (along with a few writing tips) to help you create your own employment reference document.


Tracy Thompson

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: email@email.com P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Marketing professional with extensive experience in online advertising and e-commerce looking for a position as a Salesforce developer. Strong understanding of customer relationship management as well as online engagement. Over seven years of experience working in online marketing, four of which were spent as a consultant after three years of serving as an online account executive for a regional online marketing solutions firm. Involved in incorporating the Salesforce software suite into the online customer engagement campaigns of three different organizations. Recognized by clients as being familiar with applications as well as for ability to train employees on newly developed solutions.

  •  Advanced understanding of Salesforce applications, such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Salesforce Platform.
  • Familiar with the most current digital marketing and online customer engagement strategies.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills while also having been recognized as being a good listener.
  • Adept at explaining technical details in layman’s terms.
  • Goal-oriented and driven to meet expectations
Work Experience
CRM Specialist
October 2013 – Current



  • Work on a consulting basis with organizations that are looking to improve their customer relationship management processes.
  • Advise clients on what resources could help them achieve their stated goals, and coordinate meetings with software sales teams to pitch products to them.
  • Participate in the training and implementation of new CRM software solutions (including Salesforce), acting as contact between software support teams and clients.

Online Account Executive
June 2010 – October 2013



  • Served as part of an account management team that worked individually with over 15 clients to oversee the delivery of online marketing resources.
  • Assisted clients in creating customized service packages that included the applications and programs best designed to meet their unique needs.
  • Coordinated communication between internal support team and client IT departments to ensure programs were implemented smoothly and issues (if any) were resolved quickly.

Web Support Analyst
February 2009 – June 2010




  • Acted as the first point of contact for clients experiencing issues with marketing software applications.
  • Studied the performance metrics and technical support protocols of marketing apps to help clients troubleshoot issues over the phone.
  • Submitted support tickets to software support team for complex cases, and then followed up with clients to ensure that issues were resolved.

Online Marketing Intern
November 2008 – February 2009




  • Participated in internship program sponsored by local web development firm.
  • Managed client report requests and retrieval.
  • Collaborated with fellow interns to create a client report dashboard to assist with the sharing of analytics as part of senior project.


Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator


Salesforce University
Bachelor of Science in Digital Marketing and Information Technology Management


College of Business
City, State
Hobbies and Interests

Amateur stage performer who has appeared in four local playhouse productions. Former collegiate swimmer who volunteers as assistant swimming team coach at local high school. Fan of science fiction novels.



Questions for Your Salesforce Developer CV

1. How do you describe computer skills on your salesforce developer CV?

Whether creating a CV or a resume, you should always discuss your skills in the form of accomplishments. For instance, instead of saying that you’re great with cloud-based solutions, discuss how you helped customers integrate cloud-based solutions to increase customer engagement and improve sales by as much as 70%. If you are not sure which computer skills to draw the most attention to, refer to the job ad.

2. How do you format a salesforce developer CV?

While there is no strict format that you must use when developing a CV, your document should have the basic sections and a professional layout. A standard CV, such as this salesforce developer CV sample, might have a header, followed by a professional summary, followed by a qualifications section. The experience section would make up the meat of the document.

After work experience, a candidate might include his or her academic accomplishments, followed by a certifications section, and wrapped up with a hobbies and interest section. Bear in mind that most employers who request CVs want to see the most relevant information first. This may mean that you include your hobbies and interests before your education and certifications, or that your skills section goes beneath your work summary.

3. How long should a salesforce developer CV be?

The key difference between a resume and CV is length. Most resumes should be one page in length, but when an employer requests a CV, he or she expects to see at least three pages, if not more, of documentation. CVs are scholarly in nature and should reflect your academic capabilities.

4. How do you write the header of a salesforce developer CV?

Your name needs to be at the top of every CV or resume that you send out. This is the title of your document and how employers will identify you. Follow your name with your physical address, phone number, and email address. If applicable, include links to your online professional profiles.

The header should be in the body of the document. Do not use the header function in Word. Center or right align it. Your name can be slightly larger in font than the rest of your CV’s text. Refer to this salesforce developer CV sample for an idea of what a strong header looks like.

5. How do your list certifications on your salesforce developer CV?

Unlike with a resume, if you have professional certifications or licenses, you shouldn’t list them under their own section in a CV. Rather, you would include them in your education section.

Include the name of the certification, license or award, the name of the organization who granted it to you, and the date on which you earned it. To create the perfect CV, such as this salesforce developer CV sample, use the online CV builder. It provides step-by-step instructions and industry-specific text examples for your convenience.

Salesforce Developer CV Must-Haves

What Does a Salesforce Developer Do?

Salesforce is a software suite designed to help businesses better manage their customer relations. Salesforce developers work with companies to analyze their customer relationship issues and create a customized package of applications available through Salesforce to improve their engagement and retention strategies.

Once a service package has been created, the developer works with technical support teams to roll these apps out to frontline users. After the platform has been implemented, the Salesforce developer works with department managers to train employees of how to use the new software programs. After deployment, he or she monitors the use of the software and study the analytics it produces in order to recommend updates and improvements.

Since this is a highly specialized position, having an understanding of its roles and responsibilities is vital if you are to effectively use the Salesforce developer CV example to communicate your own skills and abilities.

Tips for Creating a Great Salesforce Developer CV

Just as you recognize that companies need to customize their software solutions to their own specifications, you also need to add your own personal touches to the CV example included here to get the most out of this employment reference tool.

Remember, however, to stay true to the theme that you are a skilled professional uniquely qualified to assume the job that a company is advertising for. Thus, it’s important to keep the following tips in mind when completing your document:

  • Share a little bit about yourself and your personality in your “Hobbies and Interest” section, yet avoid listing any affiliations that could alienate readers.
  • Have your CV reviewed by an editor for grammatical errors. If you don’t have such a resource, re-read it multiple times yourself before submitting it.
  • Do not go as far back as your high school days when listing your education.
  • Do not exceed five bullet points when detailing your work experience or skills.

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