There is no denying how intimidating and difficult it can be to get hired for a new job. Employers have many candidates to choose from, which makes it difficult to stand out from the crowd. One excellent approach is to focus on your curriculum vitae because it provides information about your professional history, skills, education, and the rest of your specific qualifications in one concise package. The following writing guide includes a SAP Basis consultant CV example to help you create your own CV when you are applying for a similar SAP Basis consultant position.


Clara Jacobs

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Capable and experienced SAP Basis consultant familiar with entire SAP system and implementing it in a corporate environment. Strong analytical skills and evaluation capabilities, as well as excellent communication skills to compile and explain SAP insight. A candidate with 10 years of experience in business and financial analysis and a proven track record of improving profits through accurate and applicable projections and evaluation.

  • Extensive technical knowledge of the SAP Basis system as well as general computer engineering.
  • Experienced analysis, evaluation, and critical thinking abilities.
  • Organized and familiar fulfilling SAP Basis administrative tasks.
  • Strong communicator with experience in written, oral, professional, and interpersonal.
  • Technological native familiar with all industry standard software.
Work Experience
SAP Basis Consultant
2014 to present



  • Utilize SAP Basis infrastructure to gain insight into finances and operational efficiency.
  • Monitor employee performance in order to evaluate effectiveness and identify areas of potential improvement.
  • Create reports compiling findings and make recommendations for changes to improve labor.
  • Make presentations to board of directors on a monthly basis, offering consultation to any department head.
  • Improved sales by nine percent over the course of three years.

SAP Basis Consultant
2012 to 2014



  • Developed an understanding of the SAP Basis system and established working knowledge of implementation.
  • Retrieved records of previous sales periods and evaluated them side-by-side with current numbers.
  • Assisted other SAP Basis consultant staff and collaborated on reports.
  • Monitored progress of SAP execution consistently.

Financial Analyst
2007 to 2012




  • Reviewed profits and labor costs, identifying issues and areas costing extensive amounts.
  • Worked alongside accounting staff to gain insight into financial records.
  • Made recommendations for spending improvements.
  • Evaluated the market and made projections for trends and shifts, identifying appealing investments.
  • Achieved 80 percent investment success rate.


Master of Business Administration in Finance


University of Florida
City, State
Bachelor of Computer Engineering


University of Florida
City, State
Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy traveling when I have free time. I also run on a daily basis and lift weights in order to stay fit. Every month, I read several computer and technology magazines in order to stay up to date on developments and new techniques.



SAP Basis Consultant Job Overview and Tips

What Does an SAP Basis Consultant Do?

In the world of business, there is a specific analytical software called SAP Basis. Consultants who specialize in this software are tasked with operating it, using it to gain insight into sales and other business intelligence, and providing technical support. They may develop and design new architecture or simply use existing technology. Regardless of what consultants’ specific responsibilities are, they must have an intimate knowledge and understanding of the SAP Basis analytical system. For this reason, emphasizing technical knowledge on your CV is wise. Additionally, strong critical thinking, analysis, evaluation, and decision making skills are essential to the position. All of these elements are included on the above SAP Basis consultant CV example, allowing you to see how they may be effectively emphasized. If there are any other keywords included in a specific job description, include them in the version of your CV you submit.

Tips for Creating a Great SAP Basis Consultant CV

The best CVs follow these standard formatting and writing tips in our CV maker:

  • Include real metrics whenever possible. These may take the form of performance numbers, profit increases, or any number of other corporate figures. Using real numbers makes your CV more credible and impressive.
  • The experience section should follow strict formatting rules. List your previous positions in reverse chronological order. Include a strong action verb at the beginning of each bullet point. List current jobs in present tense and previous jobs in past tense.
  • Do review your CV several times before submitting it. It is not acceptable for any typographical errors to make it into the final version of your CV. You can also frequently find areas that can be improved significantly by proofreading.
  • Do not ignore the length of your resume. It may seem insignificant, but it affects how employers consider you as a candidate. If it is much more than a page, they may not read all of it. If it is shorter than a full page, it looks like it is lacking information.

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