Are you ready to conquer your job search? Having a good attitude is essential for achieving victory, but you have to lay the groundwork as well. One of the building blocks of job search success is having a strong CV that outlines your experience, education, skills, hobbies, and goals. To get an idea of how yours should look, review the chemical engineer CV example and writing guide listed below. With these weapons in your arsenal, you will have the tools you need to take on the job market and land your dream position.

Fiona Myers

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Resourceful chemical engineer specializing in the development of environmentally-friendly construction materials. Combine knowledge of chemistry and product design to create functional products and manufacturing equipment. Fabricate prototypes, collect testing data, run statistical analysis, and redesign as necessary. Ensure products comply with industry safety standards. Conduct research within consumer base to determine gaps in market and identify desirable characteristics for new products. Participate in ongoing education opportunities to maintain knowledge of emerging technologies and methods.

  • Native speaker of English and German. Conversational proficiency in Spanish and French.
  • Detail-oriented mindset enables me to notice errors and recognize advantages.
  • Persistent problem-solver, reevaluating obstacles as many times as necessary to make products market-ready.
  • Proficient with MATLAB, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Microsoft Visio, and SQL.
  • Strong command of business principles, enabling me to make intelligent product proposals and formulate accurate job estimates for supervisors and customers.
Work Experience
Chemical Engineer
2013- Present



  • Develop construction products from recycled materials.
  • Lead focus groups with contractors to pinpoint sought-after traits for new products.
  • Invent methods for converting metal scraps into sturdy and functional construction components.
  • Improving upon composition of standard cement to make it stronger, more flexible, and more versatile.
  • Designing custom cement mixer that will create optimal texture for new formula.
  • Collaborate with fabrication teams to ensure product quality.
  • Building machine that simplifies the sorting of construction waste, promoting environmentally-friendly disposal practices.
  • Model prototypes in AutoCAD.
  • Test products in development for function and safety.
  • Company earned 2015 National Sustainability Star Award for contributions to construction industry.

Chemical Engineer



  • Tested and analyzed household cleaning products in development.
  • Directed experiments comparing the strength levels of various formulas.
  • Assessed formulas for cleaning efficiency and rated performance of each ingredient.
  • Estimated cost for mass-producing each formula.
  • Ran statistical analyses to identify formulas with optimal blend of production costs, cleaning effectiveness, and safety for household use.
  • Consistently recommended profitable formulas that were highly rated by consumers. Company profits increased by 15 percent after formulas entered market.

Chemical Engineer




  • Investigated properties and functions of chemical compounds.
  • Proposed plan to start line of outdoor recreation products, leading company to access a new market.
  • Formulated compounds that improved upon waterproofing technologies.
  • Invented tarp with increased water repelling ability and advanced durability.
  • Recommended and implemented sustainable manufacturing process for product.
  • Tarp sold well and was recognized by four outdoor recreation groups for performance and dependability.


Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering


Texas A&M University
City, State


Hobbies and Interests

Participate in equestrian competitions and shows. Lead local Girl Scouts troop. Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity every summer. Play oboe in local amateur orchestra. Attend weekly practices and have quarterly performances.


Questions for Your Chemical Engineer CV

1. What goes in the header of a chemical engineer CV?
A header gives the hiring manager information he or she needs to contact you for an interview, so make sure it is complete. List your first and last name and your home or cell phone number (leave off your current work number). Include an email address you check regularly, and ensure it sounds professional. Many employers refer to LinkedIn for more information, so think about include a URL for your profile and review what you have there. Consult the chemical engineer CV sample for ideas.
2. Which skills are the best to list on a chemical engineer CV?
To stand out in the competitive job market, list expert-level and technical skills on your CV. The chemical engineer CV sample can demonstrate how to do this. Include soft skills that are important for chemical engineers. Some of these may be attention to detail, problem-solving, analysis, and communication. If you have numerous relevant technical skills, consider adding a section just for those abilities.
3. What should go in the experience section of your chemical engineer CV?
The experience section in a CV can be the deciding factor for a hiring manager. Do not just list duties, but focus on your achievements in past positions. Include things that demonstrate you go above and beyond, you implement new processes, you solve problems creatively, and you can meet and exceed goals.Incorporate numbers and facts to quantify your accomplishment, as this shows the employer you have what it takes to succeed. Also add how the company benefits and thrives because of your hard work. This may seem challenging to do, so look at our chemical engineer CV sample to see how to use such information. If you use our CV maker to construct your document, you can get through the process effortlessly.
4. What’s the best format for a CV: PDF, MS Word, or txt?
Do not spend much time fretting over which format to use for your CV. In most cases, MS Word is the preferred way because it is versatile. It works well on paper and online, and it is easy for the employer to insert it into ATS. Applicant Tracking Systems scan the document for certain words and phrases and kick out CVs that do not contain pertinent information. Word documents are often the best for these systems. A chemical engineer CV sample may come in many formats, but Word documents are common.
5. How do you list references on a chemical engineer CV?
You should not list references on your CV. Nor should you insert the phrase “references available upon request,” as this takes up valuable real estate on your document. Notice that the chemical engineer CV sample does not include a spot for references. The hiring manager will ask for references if you get that far in the interview process. At that time, it is best to alert your references that an employer may call them.

Chemical Engineer CV Must-Haves

What Does a Chemical Engineer Do?

Chemical engineers apply the principles of chemistry to develop pharmaceuticals, fuel, cleaning agents, construction materials, paper goods, and numerous other products. They also design the equipment and processes used to manufacture these products. In your CV, you should indicate you have a robust understanding of the properties and functions of all chemicals and how they interact with one another. You should also be able to employ your knowledge of chemistry within the framework of engineering principles to create new products and improve upon existing ones.

Chemical engineers apply the principles of chemistry to develop pharmaceuticals, fuel, cleaning agents, construction materials, paper goods, and numerous other products.

Product testing is an important aspect of this position, which is why the chemical engineer CV example highlights several examples of testing and perfecting prototypes. Problem-solving goes hand-in-hand with product testing, and it is another useful ability to have throughout the design process.

Tips for Creating a Great Chemical Engineer CV

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you write your CV:

  • Chemical engineering is a technical industry, and you can make yourself stand out to hiring managers by demonstrating you are proficient in multiple aspects of the field.
  • Remember to link metrics to your accomplishments whenever you can. Saying you increased profits sounds great, but saying you increased profits by 50 percent sounds even better.
  • If you speak more than one language, don’t forget to include your additional languages in your CV. Speaking multiple languages makes you a more versatile communicator, which is a desirable trait in employees.
  • While your CV should include a hobbies and interests section, be sure to keep it positive and professional. – Do not include any activities that are religious, political, or otherwise potentially controversial.

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