Getting the job you want can depend on several factors. Among the most important of these is your CV. Taking the time to carefully create a CV that highlights your skills and experience is essential if you want employers to pick your CV out of the sea of applications they receive. Our warehouse team leader CV example gives you a good idea of the right way to prioritize and format your information. Our additional writing tips offer some more detail and explain some techniques for convincing potential employers that you are the right person for the job.


Harry James

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Efficient, organized leader adept at prioritizing tasks and working with team members. Ensures smooth operation of all warehouse activity. Great communicator who is able to motivate and mentor team members, explain tasks, and give feedback. Knowledgeable about warehouse procedures, as well as applicable state and federal regulations for health and safety. Proficient at operating forklift. Good computer skills, knowledgeable in spreadsheet and word processing software. Detail oriented, ensures proper and timely documentation and record keeping. Reduced costs by implementing centralized, easy system for keeping track of and maintaining paperwork on incoming and outgoing shipments.

  • Proficient with warehouse procedures
  • Good computer skills
  • Quick on-the-job learner
  • Excellent communicator and team builder
  • Organized, punctual, efficient
  • Able to operate forklift
  • Able to perform physical tasks as needed, including assisting with loading and unloading
  • Works with staff from various departments to solve problems
Work Experience
Warehouse Team Leader
September 2014 – Present



  • Instruct stock handlers as to proper storage of various materials.
  • Check incoming shipments against orders.
  • Inspect goods for signs of damage.
  • Operate forklift.
  • Ensure cleanliness, ventilation, and appropriate temperature for warehouse.
  • Train and supervise warehouse team members.
  • Coordinate and apportion tasks.
  • Complete all paperwork for incoming and outgoing materials.
  • Use computer to enter and maintain records.
  • Enforce relevant health and safety procedures throughout operations.

Warehouse Team Leader
April 2010 – September 2014



  • Developed weekly and daily work schedules for warehouse team.
  • Coordinated deliveries and pickups of materials.
  • Communicated with production department and drivers to ensure efficient scheduling for deliveries and pickups.
  • Supervised and trained team members.
  • Scheduled inspection and maintenance of warehouse equipment.
  • Ensured that premises and equipment were clean and in good working order.
  • Enforced procedures for compliance with health and safety regulations.

Forklift Operator
June 2006 – March 2010




  • Operated forklift to handle materials stored in warehouse.
  • Coordinated with other warehouse team members to ensure safe and prompt storage or retrieval of materials for delivery or pickup.
  • Monitored forklifting equipment to ensure optimal function.
  • Followed safety procedures as per applicable regulations.


Forklift Certification


XYZ Technical School
High School Diploma


Great Falls High School
City, State
Hobbies and Interests

Enjoy hiking and taking long walks with my dogs. Skillful amateur bowler. Participate in organizing yearly neighborhood toy drive.


Warehouse Team Leader Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Warehouse Team Leader Do?

A warehouse team leader supervises a team of warehouse workers that perform various functions. The leader creates work schedules for the team, schedules routine tasks, and determines what else needs to be done. The leader is responsible for ensuring that all aspects of warehouse operations function smoothly. This includes making sure that team members are on hand to assist with loading and unloading and that delivered materials are stocked appropriately and promptly. You will also work with staff from other departments to coordinate pickups and deliveries, and to troubleshoot any problems that might arise. Taking your cue from our warehouse team leader CV example, make sure your CV highlights both your technical skills and the qualities that make you an effective leader. You will also need to handle paperwork and use a computer to create and maintain records. Diligence, meticulousness, and professionalism are all important attributes in this job.

Tips for Creating a Great Warehouse Team Leader CV

After reviewing our CV example, use the following advice and our CV maker to make sure you produce the best possible CV:

  • A warehouse team leader is a job where work experience and the ability to learn quickly count a lot more than formal training. It is fine to list your high school diploma, along with any relevant certifications. Do focus on emphasizing the skills and knowledge that enable you to deliver a top performance at your current job.
  • Do not overthink the formatting of your resume. All you need is a simple, organized document with easily noticeable key points. A clean, standard font of 10-12 points makes your CV easy to read, while spacing, bullet points, and section headers organize your information.
  • Use action verbs to describe your responsibilities effectively. Be as specific as possible when describing your activities and how they contribute to your company.
  • Although your CV contains a section for personal information, use your judgment when deciding what to include. Avoid discussing religion or politics, as these can be polarizing and turn off prospective employers.

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