Factories are usually busy places with a lot going on and high pressure to be productive. If you have what it takes to be a factory manager, you also have what it takes to write a great curriculum vitae. You might not have the experience to tell you exactly what a CV entails, though. Luckily, with our factory manager CV example to guide you, you have all of the resources you need to get started and create a CV that will impress potential employers. You can reference the tips contained below, too, for guidance on the conventions of the CV.

Rachel Espinosa

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Professional Summary

Experienced factory manager with over 10 years of experience. Skilled in supervising, leading, and directing tasks in order to achieve optimal productivity and results. Experience in prior positions developed ability to balance high productivity with high quality as well as effectively manage the personnel on the factory team. Proficient in all aspects of factory operations, budgeting, organization, and management. Adept at motivating team to meet goals and achieve exemplary productivity while maintaining high standards of quality expected of the products manufactured at the facility.

  • Excellent ability to maintain high levels of productivity.
  • Skilled in motivating team to perform optimally.
  • Knowledgeable in all aspects of factory and supply chain management.
  • Exemplary problem-solving skills.
  • Innovative and adaptable in any situation.
Work Experience
Factory Manager
October 2012-Present


  • Lead all associates in production operations with a focus on optimal productivity and high standards of quality.
  • Address concerns raised by staff or clients regarding the factory’s processes, policies, and any other item which may require attention.
  • Develop and implement policies improving the safety and productivity of the factory while taking into account employee safety and product quality.

Quality Control Supervisor
May 2010-October 2012


  • Monitor the quality of all goods being produced within the factory and ensure that the corporate standard is maintained.
  • Address and remedy instances of subpar quality, and when necessary, provide retraining to employees in need of adjustment.
  • Balance the maintenance of high-quality products with the need for expedient production by monitoring all processes and making improvements as necessary.

Production Associate
January 2007-May 2010



  • Work in various parts of the factory performing a range of duties to produce the product efficiently and effectively.
  • Take on tasks such as picking and packing while making sure that all items are satisfactorily processed from the factory line.
  • Assist coworkers in maintaining high levels of productivity while adhering to all corporate safety and quality standards.


Bachelor of Business in Production Sciences


Overton Business School
Master of Business Administration in Supply Chain Management


Overton Business School
Hobbies and Interests

There are many hobbies and activities that I enjoy when I am not at work. Perhaps the most important is my dedication to writing. I enjoy both fiction and nonfiction writing, and I have written several nonfiction books that have been published with varying degrees of success. In addition to pursuing writing for personal gratification, I enjoy utilizing my skills to help those in need. I accomplish this by volunteering with aspiring GED graduates to help them prepare for the written portion of the test and develop the basic literacy skills necessary for success in life.

Factory Manager Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Factory Manager Do?

Working as a factory manager demands an acute sense for productivity, an understanding of supply chain management, and the ability to oversee the various functions of a factory. These various functions are many and include staffing, scheduling, quality assurance, and production management.

As you oversee each of these processes, you will also be responsible for developing and implementing policies, training staff, and ensuring the safety of all employees. Successful execution of these duties should result in the successful operation of the factory and optimal production rates. If you want to demonstrate that you have these skills and are qualified for the job, consulting our factory manager CV example can provide you with the inspiration you seek.

Tips for Creating a Great Factory Manager CV

With a stellar CV under your belt, you have the power to pursue nearly any job and find the one that best reflects your talents. As you embark on this process, there are several things to remember:

  • Highlight a balance between managerial and job specific skills and general physical skills as all are relevant to work done in a factory setting.
  • Don’t select a format or style that will make it difficult to read the text of the CV easily upon first glance.
  •  Do include all of your contact information, including your address, email, and phone number-having this easily visible can boost your chances.
  • Don’t attempt creativity by utilizing different fonts or employing an overly stylistic style simply for its own sake.

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