Your job application isn’t complete without a detailed record of your educational background, skills, and interests. A strong curriculum vitae brings all of these important aspects of your qualifications together to provide you with the best chance of getting called for an interview. Some persons are overwhelmed by putting together such a document, but this telecom CV example shows how a little effort pays off when it’s time to put your best foot forward for a chance at landing an open position.


Joe Morali

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Hard-working, detail-oriented telecommunications professional. Adept in reading instructions and carrying them out with little or no supervision. Skilled problem solver when issues seem to prevent progress from being made. Efficient while working as an individual as well as in a team setting. Aware of hazards to work safely even in the most demanding of environments.

  • Clear communicator in verbal and written form to transmit the most important points while avoiding ambiguity.
  • Adept at creating, editing, and following 2D electronic schematic diagrams.
  • Organized to have information readily available for when I need it and handle tasks in the most efficient order possible.
  • Judgement to make decisions in the field when I Don’t have more experienced help or access to greater resources.
  • Emotionally intelligent to handle conflicts with grace and maintain strong working relationships with both peers and superiors.
  • Expert Excel and Access user, versed in Pivot Tables, database forms and queries, charts and graphs, and complex mathematical formulas.
  • Active time manager, estimating the effort needed to complete a project and following through to meet client expectations.
Work Experience
Field Service Engineer



  • Install, configure, and test electronic vehicle charging stations.
  • Troubleshoot and repair damage caused by weather, collisions, and equipment malfunction.
  • Train new employees on how to set up units and verify proper function.

WiMAX Installer



  • Collaborated daily with managers and team members to wire and install wide area wireless networks in urban districts.
  • Used tools to check signal strength and interference and made suggestions for making changes in the field.
  • Analyzed user feedback to troubleshoot problems, consulting with support specialists and engineers.

Electronics Technician




  • Built custom stereo systems to the engineer’s specifications to be used in retail spaces.
  • Used electronic instruments to check performance and evaluate compatibility with existing equipment.
  • Promptly prepared replacements for defective devices and made repairs to refurbish amplifiers, speakers, and control devices.


Associate of Applied Science in Electronics Engineering Technology


Durham Technical Community College
City, State


Hobbies & Interests

I love the fresh air and thrill that comes from riding a bicycle; in fact, I have been commuting on two wheels since my college days. While I live in the city, I also enjoy extended camping trips in the woods. When the weather is warm, I may head to the beach for a little tanning and swimming. I listen to podcasts about the latest trends in the world of technology. On holiday weekends, I usually make plans with family or friends to work on projects or do a barbecue. I keep in step with the area concert calendar and catch live music whenever I can.



Telecom Engineer Job Overview and Tips

What Does Telecom Do?

Telecommunications professionals design, assemble, install, and repair devices that are connected to phone and data networks. They may work indoors or outdoors to supervise or put together the infrastructure needed to power up equipment and keep such connected with a control system. Persons employed in this field may be considered technicians, technologists, or engineers. Hands-on workers may use a variety of specialized tools and need to navigate tight or otherwise uncomfortable spaces. They often install very expensive equipment and need to protect it from theft or damage. Some positions may be temporary in nature because they relate to specific projects. The telecom CV example shows one way someone could qualify for a position in this industry.

Tips for Creating a Great Telecom CV

Your CV should not be a dry read, so strive to make it both interesting and informative. Here are a few tips for preparing yours using our CV maker to get the attention of hiring managers:

  • Make technical skills a highlight of your document, but spell out any abbreviations that aren’t commonly known.
  • Use action verbs and specific numbers when describing your responsibilities in previous positions.
  • Even if most of what you know was learned on the job, be sure to include some content in your CV’s educational section, such as individual college courses you may have taken.
  • Don’t feel like you need to explain any gaps in employment on your CV, but be prepared to talk about such periods verbally if you are called for an interview.
  • Read your piece out loud at least once to look for grammar errors and check for consistency. Send it to another person to get an outside point of view.
  • Consider saving your document as a PDF to avoid inconsistencies with how it may look in different word processing programs.

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