A telecom project manager will have plenty of responsibilities, but the first responsibility you have is proving you are qualified for the position. You must do this before progressing through the hiring process, but you can achieve this goal simply by crafting an excellent curriculum vitae. With a great CV to show potential employers, you can demonstrate exactly why you are the right fit, but you may not know where to start. Whether you are a newbie to CV writing or a pro looking to refresh your skills, our telecom project manager CV example will provide the guidance you need.

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Professional Summary

Professional telecom project manager with over three years of experience. Skilled in supervising and directing projects involving telecom such as installations, engineering initiatives, and production design. Highly skilled in principles of project management in addition to knowledge of telecom applications. Prior work involved supervising teams between 10 and 30 people in size and directing execution of various tasks within the telecom department. The period of my management saw an increase in client retention of over 18 percent as well as the confirmation of three new client partner relationships.

  • Thorough knowledge of various telecom technologies.
  • Highly effective written and spoken communication.
  • Strong ability to work collaboratively with teammates.
  • Highly adaptable to various telecom contexts and jobs.
  • Skilled in application of telecom and management principles.
Work Experience
Telecom Project Manager
March 2016-Present



  • Spearhead all telecommunications initiatives within the company, including shift to new databases and communication applications.
  • Initiate training for all telecom associates so that staff can be consistently knowledgeable in corporate telecom practices.
  • Oversee and execute individual projects to improve telecom within company and provide telecom services to clients.

Telecom Installation Supervisor
January 2015-March 2016



  • Oversaw installation services performed by telecom agents throughout clients’ facilities and in residential customers’ homes.
  • Trained associates in correct installation procedures for applications such as databases, servers, phone lines, and various other telecom technologies.
  • Fielded any concerns regarding installation practices or agent services from clients outside the company and staff within the company.

Telecom Agent
January 2014-January 2015




  • Worked under supervisors to install telecom technologies for various residential and commercial clients as well as within the company.
  • Maintained best practices for telecom installations and services by adhering to company standards and serving clients accordingly.
  • Collaborated with the rest of the telecom staff to develop innovative new approaches to telecom technology that could be implemented throughout the company.


Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications Technology


Institute of Technology
Master of Science in Telecom Management


University of Tech Careers
Hobbies and Interests

There are a range of activities and hobbies I enjoy when I am not at work. I have a tendency to be competitive, and this manifests in my passion for racing. I have a racecar that I built from stock that I enjoy racing on the local track when there are meets over the weekend. This hobby is particularly attractive not only because of the competition it provides but because of the opportunity I’ve had to monetize it for good. I sponsor several local charities, including the Boy’s and Girl’s Club, and I am able to donate any winnings to their cause.


Telecom Project Manager Job Overview and Tips

What Does Telecom Project Manager Do?

The role of a telecom project manager is dependent upon the project at hand. On any day, you might be tasked with installing telecom technology, developing new telecom applications, or leading a team in strategizing solutions to a client’s problems. Throughout these and any other responsibilities, a telecom project manager will be faced with overseeing the effective application of telecom technologies in a range of circumstances. To this end, the role demands a professional who is skilled in both project management and telecommunications. If you are wondering how to best present these skills and your prior work experience to potential employers, refer to the telecom project manager CV example for some ideas and inspiration.

Tips for Creating a Great Telecom Project Manager CV

Writing a great CV may feel a little bit like bragging about yourself, but that is one of its primary functions: allowing you to showcase your accomplishments. The example above lets you see this in action, and there are plenty of other ideas to apply to your CV:

  • Do cite numbers, facts, and figures that are as specific as possible in illustrating your qualifications and prior experience.-Don’t fall prey to kitschy features such as stylized fonts or colored paper-features like these give the impression that you are not serious.
  • Do categorize your accomplishments by the heading on each section and qualify their inclusion for the benefit of readers.
  • Don’t mention anything that may be taken politically or have the potential to elicit the ire of a differing crowd.

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