When you begin a job search, you should start with writing a strong CV before you apply for any position. Crafting a CV can be intimidating if you are not sure what information you should include. This rugby coach CV example can give you an idea of the kind of specifics that stand out as well as tips to format the document correctly. If you follow this CV example, you may be able to get your foot in the door for an interview.


Russell Dylan

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: email@email.com P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Rugby coach with over 15 years of experience seeks head coaching position in a university setting. Extensive knowledge of strategies implemented at college and league levels of play. Successfully led past teams to championship competition for over four seasons. Oversaw staff of trainers and assistants. Responsible for coordination of league scheduling and travel arrangements for players. Exceptional motivational and communication skills.

  • Exceptional critical thinking and strategic planning
  • Extensive knowledge of collegiate and league rugby regulations and governing body statutes
  • Familiar with teaching methods to assist student athletes to work towards team building and interactive relationships
  • Excellent oral communication and mentoring skills
  • Certified in CPR and First Aid
  • Ability to work flexible as well as seasonal schedule
  • Commercial bus driver’s license
Work Experience
Head Coach State Anywhere College


  • Led AAA Rugby collegiate team to NCAA Rugby Invitational win in 2015.
  • Competed in NCAA Rugby Invitational finals in 2014.
  • Represent university rugby program at press conferences and media events.
  • Built school program to include intramural league while simultaneously supervising players for NCAA play.
  • Created interval training program for student athlete conditioning which reduced player injury by 30 percent in the first season of implementation.
  • Supervise student athlete play, instruction, and cooperation with team policies.
  • Monitor student academic performance in compliance with NCAA regulations.

Assistant Coach


Company Name

  • Supported the head coach and other coaching staff to reinforce rugby fundamentals at practice and in scrimmage and tournament play.
  • Coordinated communication between CCC Athletic Director and the NCAA league officials.
  • Assisted with season championship play which led to championship participation in 2011 and 2013.
  • Organized offensive and defensive scrimmage and training practices.
  • Advised student athletes on game concept and strategies.

Athletic Trainer, Collegiate Preparatory Institute



  • Instructed students in principles of rugby and developed playbook.
  • Worked with head coach on offensive instruction and scrimmage.
  • Arranged travel for athletes for away games and league competition.
  • Communicated schedules with athletes and parents throughout season.

Team Manager


Rabid Rugby League


  • Oversaw seasonal schedule and made arrangements for league and tournament play.
  • Procured and maintained team equipment.
  • Assisted with conflict resolution skills between players in competition.
  • Demonstrated proper play technique during training.

Rugby Team Captain


Locala Community College


  • Served in leadership capacity for collegiate rugby team.
  • Participated in league and tournament play in a variety of positions to gain offensive and defensive skills.
  • Strengthened knowledge and passion for sport of rugby by studying rudiments under the tutelage of head coach.


Rugby Certification Course


Bypass Community College
City, State
Bachelor of Science in Sports Science


Hobbies and Interests

Enjoy writing graphic novels and manage online manga forum. Train and compete in charity triathlons and relays. Participate in intercity rugby program for disadvantaged youth in community.


Rugby Coach Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Rugby Coach Do?

A rugby coach is responsible for preparing athletic participants for play based on the fundamentals of the game of rugby. A coach should be able to demonstrate techniques and offer corrections to improve the skills of players at a competitive or recreational capacity. You should be familiar with coordinating strategies in order to lead your team to a winning season in competition. You may also need experience in evaluation of both team and individual player’s abilities and weaknesses to target areas of improvement. Coaches should have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in education or sports sciences and have certification for program supervision through organizations that oversee and conduct participatory programs. You can use this rugby coach CV example to detail your own qualifications when you craft your CV.

Tips for Creating a Great Rugby Coach CV

Check out the following guidelines as you put together a winning CV:

  • Be sure to highlight how you coached a winning team and include specific information for titles and seasons.
  • Avoid repetitive phrasing of skills and responsibilities that may detract from your overall impression.
  • Showcase your accomplishments in your personal summary; that is your opportunity to gain attention and keep the recruiter engaged in your history.
  • Limit your personal history to a few hobbies unless you have extensive participation in leadership or community involvement.
  • A good CV will have strong organization and consistent formatting to highlight your attention to detail and professionalism.
  • Be prepared to explain any lapses in employment or change of careers. If you have worked in a variety of fields, focus on how your skills and expertise translate to the current position you are seeking.

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