Resume Templates: Hadoop Administrator


If you’re not entirely sure what “Hadoop” means, then you’re not alone! You’re also probably not the ideal candidate for a job that requires the management and administration of this open-source Java-based programming framework that operates in clusters and requires regular, successful deployment of nodes. Put your technical skills on full display with an outstanding resume that lands you light-years above the competition!

Hadoop is used to easily manage (create, access, and view) large amounts of data. Successful Hadoop administrators are able to assess the needs of their organization and use or create code to solve business problems on a daily basis. Because it is open-source, Hadoop is constantly evolving. Emphasizing your adaptability and flexibility on your resume is just as important as including your technical bona fides.

For help in landing the perfect position, use our Hadoop administrator resume templates to create the perfect resume.

Resume Templates: Hadoop Administrator

Hadoop Administrator Resume Questions

1. What format should your Hadoop administrator resume be in?

There are three basic resume formats: chronological, functional, and hybrid. The chronological resume puts an emphasis on your work history, and the section of the document takes up the bulk of the page. This format is best for jobseekers with a healthy work history.

The functional format focuses on achievements in work and school and is often used by jobseekers without a lot of pertinent job experience. The work history section may appear near the bottom of the page. A hybrid document presents a balance of experience and achievements.

2. How do you write the header of a Hadoop administrator resume?

Your header shouldn’t take up much of the valuable space on your page. Display your name prominently with bolding and increased font size. It isn’t necessary to include your physical address, but be sure your phone number and contact email appear. Review your email; avoid dating yourself with an old address or embarrassing yourself with a less-than-professional address. Refer to our Hadoop administrator resume sample to see a straightforward header.

3. How should you present software knowledge on a Hadoop administrator resume?

You can expect to deal with a lot of different technology and software as a Hadoop administrator. One of the obvious places to present this familiarity is the skills section. In our Hadoop administrator resume sample, the jobseeker has listed Hadoop, Unix, and Oracle. In your own document, you may want to separate this section into two columns and reserve one for your software proficiencies.

4. What technical skills should you put on a Hadoop administrator resume?

The jobseeker in our Hadoop administrator resume sample presents technical skills in both the skills section and the work experience section. There’s a combination of soft and technical skills. The jobseeker boosted the impact of many of those skills with specific numbers. For example, the applicant “taught 1,490 employees about new Hadoop system.”

As you write your own document, focus on keywords from the job posting and use them in the exact same format. Include your proficiency with software and technical systems, your understanding of computer languages, and programming. You may also want to draw attention to your experiences as an administrator.

5. What can you do to make your Hadoop administrator resume stand out?

Grab the attention of hiring managers with a strong lead. The first 20 words of your document are the most likely to convince professionals to keep reading. This means putting your very best achievements in a professional summary statement right below your header. Choose three of your strongest selling points, including both technical and soft skills if possible. You can present these as a paragraph or in bullets. Be sure to choose your words carefully for maximum effect. Finally, read through your entire document carefully to correct mistakes and ensure accuracy. Check out our resume builder with industry-specific text examples to get you started on your own customized resume.

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Resume Text

Shirley Burley

23 White Avenue

Water Lily, CA, 50201

Cell: (555) 987-1234



Hadoop Administrator oversees suite of Information Technology (IT) functionality. Designs Hadoop architecture, installs the system and reports on progress. Specializes in emergency data recovery.



  • Detail oriented

  • Meticulous

  • Hadoop

  • Unix

  • Oracle

  • Mathematical calculation

  • Diligent

  • Problem solving

  • Decision making

  • Administration


Work Experience

December 2006 to May 2007 Hadoop Haphazard Systems

– Water Lily, CA Hadoop Administrator

– Designed Hadoop architecture for large retail store.

– Taught 1,490 employees about new Hadoop system.

– Wrote manuals on the new functionality.

June 2007 to January 2009 Healing Hadoop Solutions

– Water Lily, CA Hadoop Administrator

– Updated Hadoop components: HDFS, Map and Red.

– Developed open source monitoring tools: Nagios and Ganglia for Hadoop.

– Established system on TCP/IP, Firewall and DNS networks.

February 2009 to December 2012 How Hadoop BeHaves Consulting

– Water Lily, CA Hadoop Administrator

– Developed Hadoop on MySQL database.

– Increased network speeds by 7% with new Hadoop system.

– Reported on results of technical installation of systems.



2005 University of Northern California, Water Lily, CA Masters, Information Technology