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Factories are usually busy places with a lot going on and high pressure to be productive. If you have what it takes to be a factory manager, you also have what it takes to write a great curriculum vitae. You might not have the experience to tell you exactly what a CV entails, though. Luckily, with our factory manager CV example to guide you, you have all of the resources you need to get started and create a CV that will impress potential employers. You can reference the tips contained below, too, for guidance on the conventions of the CV.
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Cat Grant

612 Englebert Ct, Detroit, MI 48999

E: CGrant@mymail.com T: 313-335-5283

Professional Summary

Provide expert leadership and guidance to a writing room that includes a range of experienced and fresh reporting talent. Guide professional development for staff at all levels through the judicious use of hands-on learning opportunities, peer mentorship, and strategic duty assignment. Ensure broad coverage of topics through the use of competitor research, active lead cultivation, and strategic monitoring of trending news topics. Help staff members to develop similar talents and instincts.

    ? Experienced with desktop publishing software, including Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Fireworks.? Excellent written and verbal communication skills, both in the mastery of the dialect of the craft and when providing guidance and feedback to staff.? Trained active listening ear to take in team problems and concerns easily and provide real-time, on-the-ground solutions that help staff writers move forward with assignments.? Proficient with web design software and content management systems, including WordPress, Drupal, and Adobe Dreamweaver.? Active, results-oriented leadership style that prizes employee enrichment through on-the-job education and training.
Work Experience
Fashion Editor

  • Build a core department staff from the ground up, attracting both new and experienced talent.
  • Develop in-house training programs designed to help experienced writers master the technological tools that come with producing stories in the digital age.
  • Monitor competitor publications to ensure complete coverage of relevant issues and competitive advantages in interview selection and layout design.

Local News Editor

  • Assigned reporters to breaking news stories as they developed.

  • Cultivated a broad range of sources for local leads in a variety of topic areas, including education and public health.

  • Delivered feedback to core reporting staff to aid in professional development.

Metro Reporter

  • Delivered timely breaking news stories to deadline five days each week.
  • Responded to local leads independently to pursue relevant stories at my own discretion.
  • Crafted stories to size using industry-standard techniques, including AP style.

Bachelor of Arts English

Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo MI

Hobbies and Interests

My interests range between the literary and fashion-oriented and include both writing and performing poetry publicly as well as the occasional venture into fiction. In the past, my creative work has occasionally shown up in Harper’s and The New Yorker, but only once or twice. I also make a point of attending New York’s Fashion Week yearly, regardless of whether or not my job dictates I make it.

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Fashion Editor CV Must-Haves

What Does a Fashion Editor Do?

Fashion editors provide leadership and guidance to the fashion department at major news outlets and lifestyle magazines. Their duties vary according to the size of the publication and its coverage goals, but generally larger-circulation fashion editors at lifestyle magazines enjoy responsibilities similar to the primary news editors at news magazines, since the “news” that drives the lifestyle world is so deeply embedded in fashion. At publications that cover a wider range of topics, the fashion editor’s role might be more minor, as the emphasis on the fashion department tends to vary according to the overall audience of the publication.

For examples that show you how to present a variety of skills related to working at outlets of various sizes, check out the fashion editor CV example above. Afterward, read on to learn some writing tips that will help you with your CV.

Tips for Creating a Great Hospital Pharmacist CV

Keep these tips in mind as you compose and edit your curriculum vitae:

– Your professional statement should be a summary of your total experience and accomplishments, so include specific details about what you did and what skills you developed.
– The document is intended to help you market yourself, so start statements with action verbs and include quantifiable skills and results as you are able.
– Remember to edit and re-edit. Not only to fully proofread, but also to be sure you have the best and most complete information that it is delivered concisely.
– Don’t be afraid to talk about hobbies and interests not directly related to the job if they helped you cultivate any of the skills you rely on.
– Emphasize your interpersonal abilities and other soft skills with whatever clear examples you can, because they can be difficult to read in a résumé or CV.
– Know that it is okay to use sentence fragments in your CV, as you see demonstrated above.


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