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In the magazine publishing industry, hiring managers are looking for creative and knowledgeable potential employees. One way to demonstrate your innovative ideas and unique talents is with a high-quality CV during your job search. Employers want to see a specific format and plenty of examples of how you’ve been successful in the past. In the space below, you can get a taste of what this entails in the magazine editor CV example. With this sample CV, you can start putting together an impressive collection of your best qualities.

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Patricia Rogers

1100 Bend Road, Flemingsburg, KY 11111

E: T: 555-404-4788

Professional Summary

Talented magazine editor with an eye for compelling stories and 18 years of experience. Committed to accurate reporting in all pieces and focused on the details. Experienced project manager and capable supervisor of a team of writers, reporters, illustrators, graphic artists, and other staff members. Proven record of being able to increase readership and keep an audience engaged in magazine content. History of recognition in the industry with several award-winning pieces and publications singled out.

  • ?Exceptional writing and editing skills, with a unique talent for spotting and correcting grammatical errors.?Strong skills in leadership and delegating responsibility to team members, giving me the tools to manage a staff effectively.?Excellent multitasking ability and an astute attention to detail, helping me take on many projects and work accurately.?Highly skilled at operating desktop publishing and graphic design computer software, such as InDesign, Publisher, Quark Xpress, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Visio.?Solid ability to gather facts and conduct research effectively; able to go the extra mile to verify all information.
Work Experience
Magazine Editor
February 2013 – present

  • Oversee a team 25 of writers, copy editors, and reporters in the reporting, writing, editing, and publication process of a nationally-read online magazine.
  • Create strategies for story ideas, topic assignments, and content to align with national trends, seasonal activities, and newsworthy topics of interest.
  • Develop talent within the writing staff to push for more unique story ideas and potentially viral content, resulting in a 47 percent increase in page views.

Magazine Editor
June 2007 – February 2013

  • Reviewed yearly and quarterly goals, potential topics, and staff changes with a print magazine’s board of leaders to meet profit objectives.

  • Managed a writing staff of 12 and assigned story ideas depending on the writer’s interests, talents, and expertise.

  • Recognized by the industry with eight awards for specific coverage or stories over the course of six years of employment.

Magazine Editor
December 1999 – June 2007

  • Collaborated with the visual layout team to help design a style of print layout for the launch of a brand new online magazine.
  • Revised articles after submission from writers and edited for spelling, grammar, and other types of errors.
  • Researched the accuracy of specific facts and details from sources using news agencies, verification services, and interviews.


Publishing and Copy Editing -Kentucky Observer
Louisville Kentucky
Bachelor of Arts in Journalism

University of Kentucky
Lexington Kentucky
Hobbies and Interests

I live close to a popular lake resort, and I enjoy being out on the water. I have been an avid sailor since I was younger, and I still spend a lot of time working on and operating my boat on nice days. I also like to take friends and neighbors out on the water for periodic sails along the lake or trips to catch fish or go swimming in the best, most secluded beaches along the coast.

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Magazine Editor CV Must-Haves

What Does a Magazine Editor Do?

In the magazine editor CV example, jobseekers can see some typical job duties. Magazine editors work as leaders in the publishing industry. They help plan a content strategy for a specific publication and help get content created by assigning story ideas to writers. As articles are written, the magazine editors review the stories for accuracy and quality. Then, they take the next step and start planning out the publication’s look and layout with staff from the visual design team. At the end of the day, magazine editors must answer to upper management, which could be the magazine’s owners or stockholders, and help develop strategies to grow an audience and to keep them interested and reading the content of the publication.

Tips for Creating a Great Magazine Editor CV

The process of writing a CV is not like other types of compositions, so it’s important to use effective techniques to interest a hiring manager. Here are some ways to help sell your talents:

– Do begin your CV with a solid and persuasive professional summary that touts your strongest skills and achievements.
– Don’t forget to organize all your information by date, going in reverse order and starting with your most recent experiences.
– Do include information about how you have helped increase your publication’s readership to demonstrate your value.
– Don’t neglect to give examples of your experience as a leader on a publishing team to show you have the right mindset.
– Do mention any moments of recognition by the publishing industry to highlight your career peaks and show off your ability to go above and beyond.