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When looking for a job, it’s important to remember that the appearance of your CV is significant. If you take the time to create a well-structured CV that effectively showcases your skills and experience, you will improve your chances of being called in for an interview. If you’re not sure what a solid CV should look like, we invite you to study the marine engineer CV example included below. You can also rely on our CV writing tips to help you create a flawless, personalized CV that is bound to get you noticed.
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Samuel Green

450 Elm Street, Miami, FL 33333

E: P: 444-333-0000

|Professional Summary|

Energetic seaman seeking to serve as member of tanker crew. Certified tankerman authorized to work on vessels containing oil. Experienced operator of all ship equipment, including navigation tools and engine and weather monitoring devices. Diligent worker, performing job tasks thoroughly and efficiently. Motivated to follow orders and ensure the objectives of the journey are met. Encourage crew members to perform their best work and exceed standards of cleanliness and safety.

    – Meticulous inspector, often catching significant flaws in lashing and rigging that would cause problems if left unnoticed. – Able to read and understand temperature and pressure gauges, record data, analyze information, and respond appropriately. – Strong working memory and processing speed, enabling me to accurately monitor multiple systems simultaneously. – Problem solver with dependable critical thinking skills. Particularly useful for troubleshooting and repairing equipment malfunctions. – Calm demeanor enables me to make good decisions in high-pressure situations.
|Work Experience|
2016- Present

  • Ensure that engines, controls, moving equipment, and cargo are prepared and secured in compliance with trade regulations.
  • Secure ship to docks and wharves and enact proper docking protocols.
  • Follow captain’s orders during storms to accomplish safe passage through turbulent waters.
  • Develop space-saving protocols for loading cargo materials. Have increased available storage space and brought ship to maximum hauling capacity.
  • Perform engine maintenance and repairs to ensure that ship functions optimally.
  • Bolster crew camaraderie while at sea by getting to know all crew members and initiating conversations between members who had not previously associated.

Crew Member

  • Guarded gangway while at port. Inspected identification and credential information. Prevented unauthorized passengers from boarding and cleared authorized passengers for entry.

  • Attended daily crew meetings to receive working orders from captain. Synchronized activities with fellow crew members to ensure smooth operation and passage of ship.

  • Signaled nearby ships using semaphores and blinkers.

  • Introduced and initiated new engine maintenance plan to address frequent quality issues. Reduced engine problem incidents by 75 percent per year.

  • Directed passengers to safe behaviors during journey. Explained best practices for maintaining the security of themselves and the ship.

Deck Hand

  • Maintained sanitary and attractive work environment by sweeping and scrubbing decks and applying paint and varnish to decks and hull.
  • Motivated fellow deck hands to accomplish tasks more quickly, enabling us to clean more areas in less time.
  • Promoted to lead deck hand due to consistent and rapid achievement of exemplary results.

Tankerman Certification

State of Florida
B.A. in Communications

Florida State University
|Hobbies and Interests|

Competitive amateur boxer, winner of 2013 Florida Golden Gloves. Dedicated runner, currently training to qualify for Boston Marathon. Lift weights four times per week. Volunteer at local homeless shelters doing facilities maintenance and conversing with shelter patrons.

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Marine Officer CV Must-Haves

What Does a Marine Officer Do?

Marine officers man ships and other marine vessels. While on board, they perform maintenance, respond to emergency situations, deploy appropriate rigging components, monitor the surrounding waters, and assist with navigation. This position requires mechanical aptitude and the ability to use and interpret navigational tools, so your CV should demonstrate that you can fulfill these obligations. It is also important to indicate any certifications you hold for working on specialty vessels. You may notice that the marine officer CV example highlights both leadership and teamwork skills. This is because marine officers must be able to work seamlessly as members of teams and still show initiative in dangerous, high-stress situations. You will be a more desirable prospect if you can demonstrate your ability to thrive as both a leader and a teammate.

Tips for Creating a Great Marine Officer CV

– It is always important to use strong action words when describing your work experience, but it is especially important for people who are applying for active positions. Use language that demonstrates your work ethic and resourcefulness.
– Marine officers must be in good physical condition. You can use your hobbies and interests section to indicate that you enjoy physical activity and are in good shape.
– If your current email address sounds unprofessional, open a new account to use for your job search. Something simple, like your first initial and your last name, will suffice.
– If you received a promotion or gained more responsibility in a past position, make that clear on your CV. Hiring managers are more impressed by candidates who demonstrate growth potential.


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