Resume Templates: Video Producer


Lights! Camera! Action! It’s time to shoot a show-stopping college recruiting video or a company highlight reel that will have the audience rising out of their seats at the next corporate retreat. You know you have the skills. Now, write the video producer resume to help procure your next creative endeavor.

Video producers wear quite a few hats. So, be sure to include those budget-writing, planning, pre and post production feathers along with your ability to hire an amazing crew in your resume summary. Accentuate your positives in the highlight section by calling attention to any awards received as well as directing experience and fabulous people skills.

Even the top creative minds in the business get stage fright, especially when it comes to resume writing. Don’t head for the storyboards. Simply take a few minutes and read our video producer resume templates. Sometimes the inspiration you need is a video clip away.

Resume Templates: Video Producer

Video Producer Resume Questions

1. How do you write a video producer resume?

A resume for a video producer position should provide prospective employers with a clear sense of your skills and experience. You should include all of the standard sections, such as a header with your full name and contact information; a summary or objective statement; and sections in which you list your skills, work experience, and education. You may also add sections in which you list past projects or awards.

Every section of your resume should be informative and organized. Use formatting features including subheaders or horizontal lines to offset each section and bullet points to organize lists. You can write this document using a word processor or our resume writing tools.

2. How do you write the qualifications section of a video producer resume?

Tailor the qualifications section of your resume to the video producer position you want. If a job or project calls for specialized knowledge or expertise, you should strive to address these requirements early on in your resume. The candidate on our video producer resume sample points out the awards her work has won; her budgeting, presentation and scheduling skills; and her experience with commercial work.

3. How do you write the experience section of your video producer resume?

You may prefer to structure the experience section of your resume by employers or projects, depending on whether you have worked for production companies or as an independent video producer. The candidate on our video producer resume sample has worked for a total of three production companies, and she lists these positions in reverse chronological order.

In each entry, you should provide your job title, dates of employment, and the name and location of your employers or production gigs. The candidate on our sample lists three bullet points under each position to give prospective employers a sense of her responsibilities and achievements in each role.

4. What format should you video producer resume be in?

Check the advertisement or description of a video production position to determine which format a given employer prefers. In general, word processor and PDF files retain document formatting elements, such as alignment, headers and subheaders, and bullet points. Plain text files only preserve content and spacing. Our step-by-step resume builder makes it easy to assemble a complete resume and save in any major file format.

5. How do you describe achievements on your video producer resume?

There are several places on your resume where you can mention awards or other honors. The candidate on our video producer resume sample draws attention to the awards her work has won in the first point of her qualifications section.

She goes on to mention award-winning projects she completed while she was working at other production companies in her experience section. If you are a highly-acclaimed video producer, you might consider creating a separate section for awards, depending on how you plan to structure your resume.

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Resume Text

Sybil Horrace

100 Broadway Lane

New Parkland, CA, 91010

Cell: (555) 987-1234


Innovative Video Producer who can create professional results with the minimal amount of equipment. Adept at producing training videos, getting the exact look customers want and pitching ideas to customers. Specializes in corporate training and recruiting videos.



  • Has won several awards for video production work

  • Always able to get client results under budget

  • Strong scheduling and presentation skills

  • Can work under a variety of conditions

  • Has done some commercial work for corporate clients

  • Excellent directing experience


Work Experience

July 2010 to February 2015 Nergun Productions – New Parkland, CA Video Producer

  • Developed hundreds of training videos for a wide variety of clients.

  • Maintained a strong network of talented directors and actors that were always available when needed.

  • Produced a regional commercial for one client that wound up winning an award.

December 2005 to July 2010 Barbara Productions – New Parkland, CA Video Producer

  • Worked with sales to do presentations to customers who were considering videos.

  • Developed a reputation for producing high quality recruiting videos for corporate clients.

  • Was proud to produce a series of award-winning religious videos for a local religious group.

June 1998 to December 2005 Hand Productions – New Parkland, CA Video Producer

  • Became proficient at developing storyboards that helped clients to understand video ideas much better.

  • Spent time recruiting and developing acting talent that helped to enhance the quality of videos.

  • Worked closely with management to develop promotional videos for the company.



1998 University of the Hills, New Parkland, CA Bachelor of Science, Video Production