Resume Templates: Oral Surgery Assistant


Getting a patient ready for an oral surgery procedure involves many skills, especially if there is a nervous person in the chair. An oral surgery assistant really does need to wear many hats from welcoming patients into the surgery room, review the chart and preparing the patient. Incorporate all the accomplished skills you’ll bring to the available oral surgery assistant position in the resume summary.

Employers typically spend less than six seconds with a resume, making it vital to grab the oral surgery office manager from the first sentence. Showcase your patient skills as well as your attention to detail before highlighting essential qualities like your training, communication and organizational skills. Experience matters here, so don’t be shy about listing your accomplishments and contributions in previous oral surgery assistant positions.

A winning resume goes a long way in helping you to get an interview for the oral surgery assistant position you are seeking. Our oral surgery assistant resume templates can help you create a fabulous resume. Read some of the examples below before preparing to write yours.

Resume Templates: Oral Surgery Assistant

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Tricia Lou 100 Broadway Lane New Parkland, CA, 91010 Cell: (555) 987-1234


Patient focused Oral Surgery Assistant with experience in medically necessary and cosmetic surgical procedures. Adept in dealing with all stages of the surgical process, from prep to procedure to recovery. Detail oriented and dedicated to maintaining high patient care standards.


  • Strong communicator
  • Comprehensively trained
  • Proactive support provider
  • Technically proficient
  • Detail oriented
  • Broadly trained

Work Experience

s June 2010 to October 2012 White Dental Clinic–New Cityland, CA Oral Surgery Assistant
  • Assisted in all types of oral surgical procedures for cosmetic dentistry practice.
  • Responsible for patient admissions and procedure preparation.
  • Oversaw post-procedure patient recovery process.
  • Instructed patients on post-procedure protocols and practices.
October 2012 to January 2014 Healthy Tooth Clinic–New Cityland, CA Oral Surgery Assistant
  • Key member of oral surgery support team at clinic providing medically necessary and cosmetic surgical procedures to over 3,500 patients annually.
  • Responsible for initial consultation and day of procedure patient intake.
  • Supervised post-procedure patient recovery.
  • Involved with approximately 800 surgical procedures of different types annually.
February2014 to Present Dental Magic–New Cityland, CA Oral Surgery Assistant
  • Senior supervisor of team of four oral surgery assistants in three surgeon practice.
  • Responsible for new patient and day of procedure patient intake, including collecting relevant health data.
  • Oversaw hygienic practices and procedures at clinic, including infection control and management regimens.
  • Developed in-office staff enrichment programming for surgical assistants which brought professionals onsite for training and education.


2009 Anaheim School of Dental Assistants, New Cityland, CA Associates Degree, Oral Surgery Assistant