IT Resume Examples

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Job Responsibilities & Duties

The information technology (IT) field offers a diverse choice of specialized career options. A client/server technician repairs, troubleshoots and maintains software and hardware packages. An intranet manager conducts research to understand users’ needs, creates a visual design or theme, balances content and the use of relevant tools and monitors user-generated content. A legacy systems administrator must be proficient in current and previous industry programs and technologies. A software testing position involves the design and testing of new or improved software applications. A software trainee typically helps maintain and installs software products. An IT resume should highlight all relevant educational and job-related experience for the desired position within this broad field.

Education & Training Requirements

All IT-related jobs require at least a high school diploma or the equivalent. Many positions also require a bachelor’s degree or a similar certification. A software engineer, for example, must be proficient in the common software programs used in today’s business world. Even a software trainee should have knowledge of commonly used practices and software applications within the industry. Some competitive positions require some previous relevant experience or evidence of ongoing education. A software engineer is usually required to have a bachelor’s degree, preferably in computer science, and experience as a computer programer. Some competitive IT positions require a master’s or doctoral degree in a related discipline.

Pay Range

According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics figures, the median salary for IT positions ranges from $90,000 for a basic IT position to around $125,000 for a network systems manager. Salaries in the IT field are often linked to demand. A job in software testing comes with an average salary of $76,000. A legacy systems administrator, who maintains older or outdated systems, earns an average salary of $42,000. An IT resume may reference previous salaries for relevant positions. However, specific salary expectations should be reserved for the cover letter. To get an idea of how to structure your IT resume, please view MyPerfectResume’s examples of IT-related resumes.