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Resume Templates: Technical Support Team Leader


Resume Templates: Technical Support Team Leader

Technical Support Team Leader Resume Questions

1. How should you structure your technical support team leader resume?

There are three main resume formats: chronological, functional, and combination. Chronological resumes are the most popular form, featuring a list of job positions organized by date. This is excellent if you have a solid work history or want to spotlight prestigious employers. For an example of this layout, look at the technical support team leader resume sample.

A functional format lets you highlight your qualifications while hiding gaps in your work background. Choose the functional resume if you have the skills but not the experience. The combination resume is a hybrid of the above formats, with the functional format’s skill section and a brief job history like the chronological resume. This is an outstanding choice for applicants with little experience but a robust skillset.

2. How do you list schools in a technical support team leader resume?

List schools in the education section as with the technical support team leader resume sample. An education section is a must for any technical position. Create a list of your degrees, always starting with the most advanced. One exception to this is you always want industry-related degrees first. It would be better to list a Bachelor in Computer Science before a Master in Physics, for instance. This section is typically left until the end of the resume, though a degree from an impressive university could get hiring managers to take a closer look at your resume if placed at the beginning. Including your GPA has fallen out of favor, but always list any honors such as cum laude.

3. How do your list certifications on your technical support team leader resume?

Depending on the position and your background, it may be better to have a certification section separate from your education. While one or two certifications can look fine next to your degree, half a dozen can make for an overly long section. Creating a separate area also draws attention to your specific certifications. Start with the most recent program and move backwards. Give the full title, the organization that certified you, and the year you received it.

4. What technical skills should you put on a technical support team leader resume?

Start by scouring the job description for any specific mentions of skills you have. These should receive top billing in your skills or job history section. The technical support team leader resume sample includes several in the highlights section. Industry-specific software that you’re familiar with is also a good inclusion. Finally, any in-demand technical abilities such as web development, data presentation, and network security should be on your application.

5. How do you optimize your technical support team leader resume for an ATS?

Many technical companies are using an Applicant Tracking System to facilitate hiring. This software scans and searches resumes, letting hiring managers filter resumes down to a more manageable number. You can make your application more ATS-friendly by including keywords directly from the job description. Even if employers don’t use an ATS, this lines your resume up with their ideal applicant. Avoid using stylized fonts or odd colors. You can also use optimization tools such as the resume builder from MyPerfectResume. This tool creates a customized resume loaded with keywords to draw more attention to your application.

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Resume Text

Paul Lennon 100 Broadway Lane New Parkland, CA, 91010 Cell: (555) 987-1234


Professional Technical Support Team Leader who is constantly taking courses to stay up on all of the latest changes in technology. Adept at delegating technical support responsibility, working well with telecommuting agents and utilizing technical support data to improve the quality of service. Specializes in computer small and enterprise networking.


  • Certified tech expert by several hardware and software manufacturers
  • Excellent corporate presentation and organization skills
  • Strong team building abilities
  • Thrives in hectic work environments
  • Dedicated to delivering excellent support
  • Willing to work as many hours each week as necessary

Work Experience

December 2011 to February 2015 Fashion Computing – New Parkland, CA Technical Support Team Leader
  • Managed a tech support team that consistently exceeded company metrics for customer satisfaction.
  • Helped to develop several support policies that made it easier for each agent to work with any customer who called in.
  • Arranged regular hands-on training sessions with new technology to make sure that all agents were up to date.
March 2005 to December 2011 Jesson Corporation – New Parkland, CA Technical Support Team Leader
  • Often assigned as the team leader to special project teams for larger clients.
  • Developed a monthly training schedule that helped to keep associates in the loop on new technology.
  • Worked with human resources to develop technical support work policies that lowered turnover considerably.
June 1995 to March 2005 Thames Corporation – New Parkland, CA Technical Support Team Leader
  • Instituted a testing schedule that helped to keep tech support professionals updated on their skills.
  • Combined several teams with redundant duties and save the company a significant amount of money.


1995 Sealer University, New Parkland, CA Bachelor of Science, Computer Science